Friday, December 17, 2010

The Progressively Putrid (Toilet)Bowl Season

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl, San Diego, 12/30/2010:
Nebraska vs. Washington

This very game sums up what has become the sideshow of the college football season. A craptacular spectacle such as this should more appropriately be named "Washington/Nebraska II: Because You Didn't Quite Finish Gouging Your Eyes Out the First Time".

If you don't know what I'm referring to, look no further.

How is this game interesting at all? Why would you be motivated to play a team that embarrassed your "first-round quarterback" (LOL'd right there) at home or blew out by 35 on the road? I know I wouldn't have wanted to play Florida again in a bowl after 2008's 49-10 ass thrashing. Should this be considered a reward for either team?

Jake Locker went 4-20 with 71 yards, 1TD/2INT and had 11 rushing attempts for 59 yards and a TD. I'm convinced those are certainly first-round numbers. By comparison, Taylor Martinez went 7/11 for 150 yards and a TD with 19 for 137 and 3TD rushing. Nebraska had three 100-yard rushers that game. Also expounding upon UW's suckage is the fact that they only beat a 2-9 Wazzou team by seven in the Apple Cup and had to win it in the waning seconds. Yeah, I know it's a rivalry game, but Washington State is one of the 3 worst teams in D-1.

All of this rambling brings me to a point, what good are these ridiculous bowl match ups that no one cares anything about? There are now 35 bowl games, which means 60% of college football will suit up to play some sort of meaningless game to end their season. How many bowl-eligible teams are there this year you ask? There are 75 teams with the 6 or more wins that it takes to qualify for a bowl.

Idaho is one of those teams but played 13 games, as they were Hawaii's bonus 13th game. In the past three years, all of college football only produced 71 eligible teams. This has set the NCAA in motion to look at adopting a system that allows for 5-7 teams to make the cut, should there not be enough teams with 6 wins. Are you kidding me? Yet again, it's just another ploy to squeeze as much cash as possible out of a bunch of student-athletes. Shame on you NCAA. Here's a quote from the Wiz of Odds:

"I think we've pretty much maxed out now," Binkowski said. "But they are not going to put a limit on it if they can figure out how they can get bowl-eligible teams to play."

 Here's an idea, make it to where you actually have to be a decent team to make a bowl. Wouldn't a meritocracy instead of dollocracy make some sense? Arizona State filed an appeal to the NCAA this season to get bowl consideration because they had two victories over FCS (D-2) schools when only one can be counted toward the 6-win minimum. It was very quickly denied. I assume this rule will be changing very soon in order to include everyone because, hey, it's mean to tell someone they suck and their 6-6 or 7-5 record isn't good enough to be rewarded with a bowl bid.

Going to a bowl and playing against another crappy opponent a week before Christmas isn't a reward in my eyes. The only thing it should be is a reminder about how absolutely terrible that season was and why you wouldn't ever want to experience that level of mediocrity again.

I guess the Independence Bowl bid last year didn't make Richt or our team feel like that.

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  1. Yeah but it will still be 7 months until more colege football, I can't wait for these suck ass games, because it is still college football.