Monday, December 13, 2010

Muschamp: A Risky Hire?

How can we try to predict how a proven coordinator will perform as an unproven SEC head coach? Did we know how good Mark Richt was going to be? Nope. Did Oregon know how good Chip Kelly was going to be? No. Did Miami know that Randy Shannon was a dud? No. Do these coordinators usually work out or not? Let's find out by running through some other names that are currently coaching at high-profile schools:

  1. Bob Stoops -- Former Florida DC..has been VERY GOOD.
  2. Bo Pelini -- Former LSU DC..has been VERY GOOD.
  3. Dan Mullen -- Former Florida OC...has been good though only coached two years
  4. Jimbo Fisher -- Former LSU OC...still unproven at FSU after one year but looks promising.
  5. Mike Stoops -- Former DC at Oklahoma...been at Arizona seven years but is probably on the hot seat after a mid-season collapse this year.
  6. Chris Petersen -- Former Boise OC who got promoted when Hawkins left...been one of the best.
  7. Kyle Wittingham -- Former Utah DC who also got promoted when Meyer went to UF...has been great.
So basically, other than Mike Stoops and Randy Shannon, the "coordinator to head coach" thing usually works out. Muschamp is an SEC guy, his players play hard for him, and his coaching pedigree (Saban) is second to none. The big question for him is how his "high motor" attitude will translate as a head coach. (All the guys I mentioned above are more..."controlled"....with the exception of Bo Pelini dog-cussing Taylor Martinez). Is Muschamp still going to headbutt players and jump up and down? Will it matter if he does?

I think it's safe to say he will bring in big time recruits and thus, will probably win a lot of games. I am still wondering who his assistants will be, and most of all, how he will perform doing the "head coach stuff" (i.e. media days, interviews, handling criticism, etc). There is one guarantee for us Dawg fans....he can't be anymore dominating than Meyer was.

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