Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Malzahn: "Hey Bobby, could you throw in a pet tiger for the kids?"

Despite earlier reports that Gus Malzahn was headed to Vanderbilt for a boat load of cash, it now looks as if he's going to be staying in Auburn for a Nimitz Class of cash. These are relative terms of course, as head coach and offensive coordinator are on a little bit of a different pay scale. 

So how much cash is Bobby Lowder shipping Malzahn's way? Get ready for some sticker shock....

Just so you've got an idea of how much dough that is, Kyle Whittingham, Rick Neuheisel, Dave Wannstedt, Dan Mullen, and Joe Paterno made less money than that this year. It's pretty much the same as Arizona pays Mark Stoops and Texas Tech pays Tubs. Geez, they must really like this guy. For some reason I'm convinced there will be a period of buyers remorse next year when Cam goes the way of the dodo. 

This will make Malzahn the most highly compensated assistant coach in the nation, right ahead of Monte Kiffin at $1.2 million per year. Call me crazy, but I think you could find a competent person for a little less than these guys are getting paid. Just like all sports, the salaries people are garnering are becoming ridiculous. 

Is Malzahn really worth $1.2 million per year? For that matter, is anyone other than Dick LeBeau?

Any reasonable person other than a Barner would say no. That's just Alabama for you. They like overpaying for stuff that shines and is bigger than what you have. Seriously, have you been there and noticed all those jacked up F-250's with shiny wheels and chrome accessories parked in front of a trailer? It's kinda like Texas with fewer illegal immigrants and cowboy hats.

***For those of you Dawg fans that live in Alabama, and I know there are a few of you out there, I speak no ill toward you. I'm sorry for my distaste of that state to the left- bad deal with a televangelist back in the 80's really burned my biscuits. I think they made a movie about it, only it was set in Louisiana and starred Chevy Chase.

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