Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let's Change "Head Coach in Waiting" to "Next Coach Who is a Head Coach at Another School"

I was NEVER a fan of this ridiculous "Head Coach in Waiting" moniker. Florida State was the first school to use this distinction when they just so happened to notice that Bobby Bowden "might" be retiring in the near furture. One would never expect that 78-year-old sideline-wandering figurehead of a coach was probably on his way out. In an effort to quell the anxiety and grief created by a coaching search, FSU simply took the easy way out and named Jimbo Fisher as Bowden's successor.

I think the original reason for this was to tap Bobby on the shoulder and say, "Hey, you're old and really don't do anything any more beside patrol the sideline and wear a windsuit jacket. How about we designate someone as your replacement, in case you "decide" to retire in 2 years, 5 days, 4 hours, and 36 minutes?" This lunacy subsequently became sexy and Texas followed suit with Maryland and a few others.

Will Muschamp, HCIW at Texas. James Franklin, HCIW at Maryland. Now, Will Muschamp is head coach at Florida and Franklin is head coach at Vandy. But that's no surprise to you. It should be no surprise to the team that their coach is about to be cherry-picked, but for some reason they act surprised. Friedgens comments on the Franklin hire:

"I talked to him this morning, but it hadn't been finalized. Life goes on. I wish him the best of luck. I think he did a great job for us. I congratulated him. I've got to see what the fallout is and go from there."

It's like the Fridge was really disappointed and caught off guard that he took the job. Does any person that is completely okay with a circumstance say, "Life goes on?" Hey Ralph, not to insult you, but I'd rather be at Vandy than pretty much anywhere in the ACC. There is one plus over Vandy is that if you have a moderately mediocre team in that conference, you've got a decent chance to get to the Orange Bowl and go against a 7-5 Big East Champ.

I have one request for any team that goes with a "Coach in Waiting". How about attaching a sign to these coaches of coaches in waiting stating, "Hey! They're pretty good assistants. So good, in fact, that they're going to succeed me. But listen, I'm gonna get real mad if you wanna hire them away before I retire. In summation, F OFF cause he's our HEAD COACH IN WAITING. SHOO, SHOO!"

Quick question. Why in the hell would people actually think that this would be a good idea? What happens if you nosedive for two years and the head coach gets canned? Do you still get "Coach in Waiting" status or do you get fired too? What if you're the defensive coordinator and your suckage caused the coach to get the axe? The whole fanbase hates you but because you're "Head Coach in Waiting", you get the reigns and nothing but constant hell from them for the next two years until you get fired. But did you have a "Coach in Waiting" determined at the time of your firing? He was probably the running backs coach before your boss got fired first, huh? Real high-quality hire- made a huge splash with that one.

How about you go to work and tell your secretary that, because she's so good at handling those phone calls and you're going to retire soon, she's the "Boss in Waiting". She has absolutely no idea how to be the CEO of a football program, but by George, she can answer the crap out of that phone and reserve conference rooms with the best of them. I know it's ludicrous, but that's basically what these AD's are doing these days.


  1. I wish we had a coach in waiting, or had any coach Mark Richt has hired here who was worth a damn.

    The hell the kids don't deserve to be criticized in public. Caleb Darnell King is a football player who feels that he is entitled. He told Ken Malcome, upon his arrival on campus, that he finds being Tailback at The University of Georgia, a Grind. He was the # 1 Top-Ranked Overall Football Player in the State of Georgia in 2006. This is 2011 in 16 days and he has done nothing in all the big games against teams with a run defense, since his arrival. Nothing.

    No Excuses.

    You can blame this on coaching.

    I do that.

    The player needs to GATA.

    Another one is Aaron Murray. I am fed up with all this Aaron Murray is great B.S. to fill his head with too when he is 6-6 as our Starting QB out-performed head-to-head on the field this season, by ALL 6 opposing quarterbacks who performed against him that night and beat him as a direct result. Aaron Murray is a dual-threat quarterback; really ? Averaging 2 yards a carry, stealing 8 carries a game from his running backs.

    I am fed up with all the arrests of the football recruits, recruited here by Mark Richt and their subsequent SUSPENSIONS. Over the 10 years of the Mark Richt Era, we have had 1 SUSPENSION a MONTH for 10 solid complete entire years, bar none.

    Richt-0-Files Richt Apologists tell me repeatedly, daily, that Mark Richt averages 10-win seasons. So, I looked it up, typed it, and tallied it up beginning 2006. There are 25 1-A college football programs FBS, 25, who will have averaged 10-win seasons after the bowl games over these last 5 years.


    I am sorry.

    Being 1 of 25 programs does not make Mark Richt great. This is UGA. We are The Bulldogs. # 11 All-Time in 1-A wins. There are 25 football programs BETTER than Mark Richt's here these last 5 complete solid entire seasons.

    Mark Richt is the BEST Bulldogs' coach EVER. This 1 is based upon 10-win seasons. Forget the losses. Talk wins only on this. 14-game seasons 8 of the 10 Mark Richt Era seasons. If you average 10-wins, and Mark Richt does NOT, then you average 4-LOSS seasons or 4-LOSS or NOT PLAYED IN THE GAME, seasons.

    3 out of 12 games vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams Mark Richt has WON. That means 9 of the 12, he LOST.

    10 LOSSES vs NOT Top 25 Final AP Poll teams. Colorado this season 5-7, for example.

    The talent level around here has to (1) get MUCH better, or else (2) the fans have to cease and desist with the barrage of EXCUSES and LIES about this football program and its players and GATA to inspire them to get off their duffs and do something to WIN.

    2010 Recruiting Class. You saw the 2010 recruiting class. What in the hell have ANY of them done this season ? After a 8-5 rebuilding year last year, those players should have been on the field, getting the damn job done. They failed. They got ARRESTED and SUSPENDED. They did NOTHING on the field. Nothing.

    2009 recruiting class, gone. No longer on the roster.

    2011 recruiting class, according to Dean Legge at yesterday - see Bulldogs' blog - is a sub-par recruiting class. We have 19 slots and have filled 16 with no impact players.


  2. 2 who STAND OUT as BAD PRESS daily all year this year, both of whom Mark Richt said to them that their Scholarships are INTACT here waiting for them, and their own football teams this season KICKED THEM OFF THEIR DAMN TEAMS. But, those are our 2 BEST RECRUITS for next season, 2011 Signing Date.

    You can't win like this.

    Who is next to be arrested / suspended ?

    Who next of the players will step up in public and make some statement as Aron White did that Zach Mettenberger was TREATED WRONGLY by Mark Richt at UGA.

    Who next of the players will step up in public and criticize Mark Richt, as Aaron Murray yesterday, that he should not have FIRED Dave Van Halanger as Strength & Conditioning coach.

    Great Googly Moogly.

    Just win some damn football games.

    And, SHUT UP in public.


    I don't want to hear Aaron Murray, Aron White or Caleb King say 1 damn thing about anything; but to get on the field, catch the football, throw the football, run the football and NOT be as we are this 2010 season # 73 in the NATION in 1st Downs. Quit dropping the football, fumbling the football, throwing the ball incomplete, and not getting 1st Downs. Quit all that. And, QUIT THE TALKING TO THE PRESS while you don't do ANY of that.

    What football team, not powder-puff football team, has Aaron Murray beat ?

    This is ALL COACHING.

    A blog man should have no more than 1 blog a day. Update it if you have to. Read that day's blog responses. Reply.

    If after you publish your blog that day, Kirby Smart who turned down Mark Richt to be his Defensive Coordinator at $750,000 a year, takes the job at FLORIDA as their DC, then maybe that requires a 2nd blog that day. The first blog has been superseded.

    Bluto at get the picture has 20 a day. None are his own thoughts. You have original thoughts. They are quite good original thoughts you have. Read Bluto and he reads your blog, and talks about it on HIS BLOG. That's NOT RIGHT. Bluto should go your blog and reply here, not link it to his and talk about it there. I am fed up with his come-on titles for his blogs too. I don't go there. I don't and haven't read his blogs. They are NOT his blogs. They are your blog and everyone else's but his own blog.

    I will go and post this on whatever is your latest blog, so you don't have to come back to here to see my reply.

    Thank you for your blog, your reply, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    The hell Caleb Darnell King doesn't deserve to be criticized.

    Saving time, please advise which of the 6 losses you think the opposing quarterback head-to-head did a worse job as quarterback than Aaron Murray please sir. I will then address that 1 game; by the way, don't even start with Colorado. That kid killed us while Aaron Murray could not get a 1st Down. Since when is getting 1st Downs "ARBITRARY" offensive statistic ? Or, wins, either for that matter as Starting Quarterback at 6-6 as our Starting Quarterback.

    Merry Christmas and thank you, again, for all your hard work and efforts, sir.

  3. BuLLdawg,

    Let me just say, your comments are appreciated. With that said, this is a place for healthy venting and friendly commentary. It is not, however, the Vent. I don't particularly enjoy that place, nor do I enjoy its theatrics.

    I understand you are upset. I am VERY upset too at how this season turned out. I can't say I was totally shocked though. Some of your comments are well-placed, as the discipline issues and obvious coaching blunders are very concerning.

    If you want to criticize the players, that's fine, I just ask that you not single them out by name and constantly grind on them. They're young kids who are playing football, trying to get an education, and figure their life out at the same time.

    For a lot of these kids there are sad stories in their background. I don't know what they've been through. That's not an excuse, but I'm not going to criticize them in print. It's not good etiquette on my part and frankly, I wouldn't want someone doing that to my kid.

    As far as Aaron goes, he outperformed Garcia, Relf (in my opinion), Brantley/Burton, and your Heisman Trophy winner. Did you feel like we were going to win those games with Aaron at the helm during the 3rd and 4th quarter? I sure had the confidence to say we would. Look at the stats. Had our defense actually stopped someone, those should have been wins.

    Oh, and on first downs. LSU was #99 and still went 10-2. It's about defense my friend. About 92% of the teams in the top of the rankings run the spread. Go to and look where we rank in long passing plays nationally. That should explain some of this to you.

  4. Addendum*

    I did not mean to say that the Auburn game should have been a win. They pretty much man-handled us in the fourth quarter in every way.