Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kyle Brotzman's Missed Kicks, In Dollars and Cents

I'm sure virtually all of you know who Kyle Brotzman is. If you do, you can go ahead and skip over these next few sentences and Youtube video. Kyle wears #35 and is the kicker for Boise State. You'll see his missed field goal below which cost the Broncos a whole lot- like a possible trip to the BCS National Championship or Fiesta Bowl and A LOT of STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE!!!

But just what kind of economic value did this kick have for Boise? Well let's take a look.

If Brotzman had put that kick through the uprights Boise would have, at worst, been headed to the Fiesta bowl once again this year. Last year the purse for the WAC was around $7.8 million because of Boise's appearance there. Of that $7.8 million, the Broncs took home about $3 million while the conference distributed the rest of those funds equally to the other members of the WAC. Because this $7.8 figure was set to jump about 30% to almost $10 million this year, there was almost an extra $500k in the pot this year had Boise gotten the win.

Since Kyle didn't make the kick, Boise has been relegated to what used to be called "The Emerald Bowl" in San Francisco. The bowl now officially has the dumbest name for all bowls as it's new moniker is the "Kraft Foods Fight Hunger Bowl". Apparently they're gonna be handing out wheels of cheese with every ticket purchase. Anywho, the payout for this bowl is $900k. Considering a similar payout schedule, Boise will get about $300,000 from their trip to San Francisco.

So, in conclusion, that 6 inch miss cost the Broncos a whopping:

Just so you get an idea of how much actual profit there is for a school if BCS bound, take a look at Bama's profit from winning the National Championship last year. It's pretty staggering that a purse that big netted Bama that little.

To add insult to injury, had Boise gone to BCS bowl, Nevada's share of the conference purse would have been about $1,000,000 which they won't be getting after upsetting the Broncos. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

***I got some pretty good info HERE. It's worth a read if you have the time.***


  1. Van Dawgin-Have you calculated how much they could have made by winning the MNC?

  2. Yes. It's somewhere a touch above $4 million. It's about 15-20% more than what Bama was paid last year, which was only about $1.9 million above what the rest of the SEC received.

    It wasn't as staggering a figure as I assumed it would be so I didn't include that figure. I was a little surprised it wasn't more when the payout is actually worth about $18 million.