Friday, December 10, 2010

Jim Delany to Non-AQs: "Go F*** Yourself"

Two days ago, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany was joined by fellow conference commissioners from the Big 12, SEC, Big East, Pac-10, and WAC at the W Hotel in Manhattan (apparently, John Swofford of the ACC was not invited....maybe his invitation got lost in the mail or something). They were convening as part of the "IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum", where the touchy subject of non-automatic qualifying conferences was discussed.

If you do not want to actually read the article, let me summarize the thoughts of the MAJOR conference commissioners...and I'm paraphrasing here...

Jim Delany/Larry Scott (Pac-10 Commish): (talking to WAC commissioner Karl Benson) "You don't have a chance in hell to EVER F***ing get us to agree to a playoff. And if you whine enough to get the school presidents to cave, you're going to be praying for prison rape compared to what we'll do to you!"

Okay, that was a little exaggerated, but the point is, I wouldn't look for a playoff anytime soon. The major conference commissioners gave reasons for their playoff disdain (these are actual quotes from the above linked San Francisco Chronicle article):

Delany: "We gave up the Rose Bowl, the SEC gave up access to the Sugar Bowl, others were included but they never had access to any of this before," Delany said. "You have to understand who brought what to the table. Who's continuing to give and who's continuing to get."

Delany talking to Benson:
"The only thing I would say, if you think you (the non-automatic qualifying leagues) can continue to pressure the system and we'll just naturally provide more and more and more," Delany said. "I don't think that's an assumption that our presidents, athletic directors, football coaches and commissioners necessarily agree with."

So, in a nutshell, Delany and the other "major" commissioners think they have given enough to the "little guys". It's sort of like why the U.S. doesn't negotiate with terrorists -- they'll keep asking for more.

There was also an interesting quote by Delany about the major conferences possibly getting three teams from one conference into BCS games (the current system only allows for a maximum of two teams per year making it into the BCS bowl games):

"I think the conferences should be allowed to have three bids," Delany said. "If the SEC has three teams in the top eight, the bowl system would be well served, the public would be well served. But that comes at a cost to something else. Mike (Slive) and I could suggest -- I would support Mike's motion, but we can't get a third vote."

I for one agree with this statement, based on the fact that the BCS is not going anywhere anytime soon. What was not discussed was what type of "favors" the Big East commissioner is giving....WAIT...inappropriate....scratch that.

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