Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jim Delaney's Subconscious Makes Friends With Ken Wantanabe

Delaney made a momentous statement today with his conference's new marketing duds. And by "duds" I mean the FAIL kind, not the cool, new, show your conference president friends kind.

Jim really should have checked with the folks at GEICO or something. In what could be the absolute worst decision in college football marketing ever, he penned the new divisional names of the Big Whatever as the "Legends" and "Leaders" divisions

Just so you know that Delaney put a ton of work and study into these ridiculous names he said, 

"All I can tell you is that we thought long and hard about what not to do. We thought harder about what to do."

It seems as though that "what not to do" part they thought about for a while hijacked the dream of their "what to do part" and went down two dream levels and killed it. Thus sending it deep into limbo with Mr. Wantanabe and friends. I assume they spar every day at his dream dojo with dream katanas.

Jim was asked at the press conference unveiling the names if the names were too bland and not unique enough- his response,

"All of these things will engender discussion. We want to engage our fans." 

Engage them by talking about what silly and lame names that you came up with? I realize any press is good press, but do you think the NFL would reconsider naming the NFC and AFC West the NFC "Losers" and AFC "Laggers" just to generate press? Uh....

Just so you get an idea of who's part of what corny division, here's a rundown:

Ohio State
Penn State

Michigan State

Hopefully someone can get Leo in their to rescue Delaney from becoming brain dead. Wait... "Leaders" and "Legends"? We may already be too late.

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