Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hoop Dawgs RPI Update

That's right, America and the Dawgs. 

After a decent road win Tuesday night at the "Tech"nodrome, the Dawgs have vaulted up to the 40th position  according to Real-Time RPI. If I'm not mistaken, the win pushed us up about 45 spots or so. Notre Dame's loss at Kentucky tonight won't help us out any in the immediate future, it just makes that January 8th date with Kentucky at Stegeman more important.

According to Ken Pomeroy, who I have a lot of respect for, we are four spots behind the Nerds at #92. That doesn't make much sense to me, but his rankings don't show the past results. It is more of a predictive system that shows how a team would perform if they played tonight against any other team. I guess he didn't get time to watch us beat up on those geeks. His rankings also take into account margin of victory, which hurts us badly.

As far as where our RPI and SOS are headed in the next few weeks, our next few opponents RPI's are ranked 275, 236, 273, 279, and 328. So suffice to say, we're probably not on an upward trend before the New Year. Being that this part of the schedule is pretty soft for most teams, I don't expect it to tank very much anyway. As Dawgola said yesterday, if we don't have a hiccup we'll be 11-2 heading into the conference schedule. If we get to 20 wins, we'll be a shoe in to dance in March.

I also wanted to mention yet again how crappy the SEC West is. Check these ranks:
  • Auburn: 1-4 with an RPI of 324 and SOS of 270
  • Alabama: 4-4 with an RPI of 304 and SOS of 329
  • Arkansas: (who beat Seton Hall tonight and will slide up the rankings) is 6-1 with an RPI of 223 and SOS of 335
  • LSU: 5-2 with an RPI of 169 and SOS of 231
  • Mississippi State: 4-1 with an RPI of 197 and SOS of 288
  • Ole Miss: 4-2 with an RPI of 44 and SOS of 20. 

That's an average RPI of 210 and an average SOS of 246. Compare that to the SEC East's marks of 33 and 68, respectively. Those numbers will most certainly improve after Kentucky and Vandy's games against Notre Dame and Mizzou. I don't know if I've ever seen any Big-6 conference division as bad as the SEC West and Auburn is probably the worst SEC team I've ever seen. Best of luck Mr. Barbee. Oh yeah, and I wonder how Bama is feeling about that Anthony Grant hire now? I'm just glad he didn't end up in Athens.

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  1. 1 of your URL Links is confusing as heck.

    I clicked it to read where you said they had Georgia tek, who is a horrible basketball team, ranked ahead of us.

    It said click here to login.

    I logged in. Said I wasn't a member and no URL Link of where you go to do that. Went to Home WebPages URL Link for the site and again nothing there to see what you report here with the URL Link you provide.

    I did, however, find this there :

    And, it has Georgia ranked

    # 80 UGA

    # 128 Georgia tek

    When you are at my URL Link I provide back to you here, sir, it has a URL Link to what you report to us above that does not work :

    But, it doesn't contain what you say it does.

    Instead it shows :

    # 41 UGA with a 78 SOS

    # 164 Georgia tek with a # 128 SOS.

    Your URL Link, which doesn't take you to what you say it does, instead, takes you here :

    If you want to see what every school's RPI is, simply put this 1 URL Link up :

    It works; it shows we are RPI # 41 and Georgia tek is # 164. And, of course, those are real.