Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hoop Dawgs Preview vs. Tech

This is the shot that could kill Paul Hewitt's Tech career....not to mention give us another nice victory on our resume....also not to mention win another road game, this time against our loser rivals in the Nerd Dome. But alas, a rivalry game will undoubtedly bring out the best of Tech...and you have a few story-lines:
  1. Daniel Miller trying to make UGA regret making him an outcast (good decision on Fox's part btw)
  2. The aforementioned job security of Hewitt
  3. The fact that the road team hasn't won in this series since 2000.
  4. Van Dawgin and I waffling on whether we want to go...and risk us losing.
As for Tech's actual team....they're 4-3 with losses to Kennesaw State by 17, a close lose to Syracuse by 4, and an embarrassing 20 point loss at Northwestern on national TV. Their primary scorers have been guard Iman Shupert and small forward Brian Oliver, who both average around 14 points a game. The glaring weakness has been their frontcourt -- I mean, Daniel Miller is STARTING at center and 6'6'' Brian Oliver started at the 4 position last game. They do have a very deep backcourt -- much deeper than our's. And if their three pointers are falling, it could be a long, remote-control-throwing night for Dawg fans. That being said, I think we are the better team and SHOULD win....I didn't say we would...we SHOULD.

Again, these are the games we must win to get into the tourney come March. And because we really don't play a quality opponent until Kentucky in January, winning this game could result in us entering conference play with only the two losses, putting us at 11-2...not too shabby.

I'll leave you with Tech's stats so far this year:


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