Monday, December 13, 2010

Hair of the Dawg: A Reader's Follow Up to Dawgs Coaching Grades

Just for some background on this post, last Wednesday I took Georgia's coaches to task and evaluated them based on their performance this year. I think we're all used to getting report cards so I dubbed the article "Dawgs Post-Season Report Card Vol. 1: Coaching".

As you might imagine, I received a few comments on the article. When I started reviewing the comments, as I do from time to time for the sake of keeping a semblance of a respectable environment around this place, I noticed that the few comments was actually just one very long one. After taking 20 minutes to read this novella of a comment thread, all I could think was, "Wow, I gotta know who went EPIC on me."

After a few unsuccessful efforts, I just decided that I'd go ahead and reprint this Dawgly expose. Being that this anonymous person wrote it in the comments, I assume they won't mind if it's part of my article today. Beside being bitterly honest and mostly on point, it also saves me from having to come up with some new grandiose idea for a post this morning.

Just for the sake of writing it, I would like to preface this by saying I do not fully agree with all of the statements contained herein. I think a good bit of this is very good stuff and I respect whomever's opinion this is very much. I understand your pain. I think we all do.

Again, to Mr. Anonymous, thank you very much for reading our blog and now contributing to our site. I'd still like to know who you are if you're out there in Blogland somewhere. Remember, we're easy to reach at If you do read this and want us to take it down, don't hesitate to let us know. I didn't figure you'd mind, being that anonymity and candor are great bedfellows.

Get ready, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

***May I add, I did make some revisions and corrections to some words/phrases that were duplicated or unclear. In no way did I change what the author said. 

Talent level, play selection and recruiting are all coaching responsibilities. Grades have to be doled out on these issues accordingly. Even more so are the 11 arrests from March 7 through just the summer months. Any arrests are bad- eleven-that is coaching. Like Herschel Walker said just few short weeks ago, “We have no discipline.”

Florida being down doesn’t affect UGA much. Think back to 2007, when Florida had its worst season of the Urban Meyer Era at Florida with their 4-loss year. That was the only game Mark Richt beat Urban Meyer -their worst team- until this season. And Urban Meyer wanted to not coach this team this season for obvious reasons. And Mark Richt could not beat Florida this season, when 5 other teams did.
If we are to progress, there doesn’t need to be a lynching, but there does need to be an honest evaluation of the coaching staff.

You do that on several fronts here. We thank you for your hard work here to do that.

Scott Lakatos:
# 59 in the nation in Passing Efficiency Defense
One needed only watch any game to see that secondary pass defense was in no way described as good.


Solid “D” for Scott Lakatos. It is not possible to have watched our pass defense and think it is an average “C” defense against the pass. We really need to get away from the excuses. I think Brandon Boykin will make the NFL as a running back. 2011 is not good looking at the secondary.

Rodney Garner:
Rodney Garner’s main responsibility for this football program is recruiting. Our recruits too often are suspended- and without discipline. They cannot get on our campus fast enough to get arrested and suspended. The DL was poor this season. As you noted, there was a total lack of production in getting sacks, pressure, and tackles for a loss. They were sitting back and not getting after it. Rodney Garner is tough love for his DL. He prefers to light into them, in the press.

His style doesn’t fit here. On his next job, he will have someone above him who will study the recruits he targets and gets pre-clearance that they are not what we have been subjected to here at our alma mater. Also, someone needs to light a fire under Rodney Garner to get him to quit with all the airing of our dirty laundry to the newspapers and media types, have him encourage all our players off the field, and on the field to get in their faces and get them motivated. 2011 is not good in recruiting, just as the 2009 recruiting class is no longer on the roster and just as the 2010 recruiting class is Mark Richt’s dead last worst. 2011 on the DL is not good.


Agreed with you on that.

Todd Grantham:
$750,000 a year and in game 2 we played better defense than we did in game 12? Further, he told us that he was going to evaluate his talent and get our best out there. Instead, what we had was a whole entire defense that was playing out of position. He forced his system on this football program, rather than evaluating the talent he did have and getting them in the best positions.
# 59 Passing Efficiency Defense
# 59 Rushing Defense

God Almighty is all I can say to that. We could not stop the pass and we could not stop the run. Is there something else that a defense is measured upon?

D –

I give him a passing grade only because his talent level sucks. I thought he did a good job of getting in here and getting us some defensive talent in recruiting. I make no excuse for the fact that NONE of those recruits this season, stepped up for him. 2011 is not good for the defense because the vast majority of what the defense did well this season is leaving after this season.

Tony Ball :
Great former running back, but what the hell does he know about wide receivers? He is a “B” because he had AJ Green ? We sent him everyone we could put our hands on to help him have a depth chart at wide receiver. Why did Mark Richt move him from running backs’ Coach? If it were not for Aaron Murray, this team would have been no fun to watch at all. 

As a team even with Aaron Murray we just could not buy a 1st down. I realize what we were this year and have demonstrated we were last year as well, afraid to try to call a play that just might get us a 1st down. But with the inability to establish a running game, the wide receivers could have opened that up by stepping up. I think Orson Charles should have been called for by Tony Ball to be a wide receiver and that the other tight ends then might have been motivated to come into a game and make a catch, not drop the ball. As Tony Ball and Mark Richt did in redshirting Knowshon Moreno, I believe that we missed our opportunity to have AJ Green on one side and Orson Charles the other. Tony Ball does not evaluate talent well.


I give Tony Ball an average grade as wide receivers coach because he had AJ Green. Other than that, which he had nothing to do with, other than on his watch, AJ Green sold a $29 jersey for $1000 of a lousy bowl game and was fortunate that he was only suspended by the NCAA for 4 games. When he returned, we were supposed to be great. Instead, it appears he was not working during his absence, which is Tony Ball’s fault, and we lost to Colorado upon his return. In fact, we lost just as many games without AJ Green as we did with AJ Green – 6 total losses. The future here is not good at wide receiver. 2011 especially will be bad for us at wide receiver.

John Lilly :
I give this former quarterback a lot of credit. Since he got here, John Lilly has been the lone recruiter on this football coaching staff. He has more talent at his 1 position than all the rest of the team, combined. Now, if he just had the guts during the games to go over to Mike Bobo, slug him, pick him up off the turf, and scream in his face to throw the football to his tight ends, he might actually be a coach. If you just sit there and take that kind of crap every year that John Lilly takes from Mike Bobo, not using his Tight Ends, where that is the only position on the team with talent, you get a poor grade on your responsibility to this team.

A+++ on Recruiting Tight Ends, his position

D for getting after the coaching staff to throw the football to them

Why don’t we put John Lilly in charge of all recruiting and let Rodney Garner go who has grown stale? Then, we might actually have some talent on this football team which a new coaching staff might be able to utilize.

Stacy Searels:
He has been here 4 years now in this position and was given the added responsibility, given his lack of success at his position coaching job of running game coordinator this season. Stacy took a cushy job here at UGA where no one is held accountable for their position they are in charge of and with all the numbers handed him on the OL. I think Stacy can evaluate talent very well.

I think he recruits very well. I am not as convinced that he is on the side of the players he inherited here. If he is, he plays them because of their seniority here and not on what they produce. If I am a starting OL at The University of Georgia, I should not 6 games into a 6-loss season, have it dawn on me that I need to rip the redshirt off a true freshman and promote him all the way to starting OL.

Stacy might be slightly better a recruiter of talent than he is a teacher of the positions. What we are missing here is production. If you have been here 4 years and next year is your 5th year here, then you are accountable alone for the total lack of production from the players across the board. I personally don’t care for the inability of Mark Richt to step on the faces of his coaching staff.

D –

Offensive Coordinator MIKE BOBO:
Matthew Stafford beat # 9 Auburn in 2006. Other than that, he beat no Top 10 Final AP Poll team. Aaron Murray beat no one at all, not even 1 reasonably good team this season. When Matthew Stafford has played in the NFL, he is not considered to be 1 of the Top 30 Quarterbacks. Both came here super-talented. I am looking around the NFL for the players that Mike Bobo trained at QB here. Pardon me, but I don’t see one and Aaron Murray will not be one either. You can take that to the bank.

# 73 in the nation 2010 in 1st Downs

We cannot buy a 1st down. Why did we lose 6 games this season? Because in 6 games this season, the other quarterback out-performed our quarterback on the field, head-to-head.
10 of the 11 starters returned on the offense this 2010 season. We are in fact the # 48 Total Offense. That, by the way, is a HIGH WATER MARK for Mark Richt and Mike Bobo and our quarterbacks.
Over the last 10 years, Mark Richt and Mike Bobo have averaged # 52 in total offense.


The biggest failing grade for Mike Bobo is in the area of recruiting. Christian LeMay is nothing but bad press all year long this season for The University of Georgia Admissions Department. Montez Robinson was as well. So too was Zach Mettenberger. Two of those are battery and the 3rd one a 14-year old. Mike Bobo recruited ALL 3.

Bryan McClendon :
I don’t have anything further to add about this wide receiver whose Dad was so great for us as a running back. Thank you very much for your description here of the fumbles issues since he was promoted to this position with absolutely no knowledge of the position himself. None. Mark Richt obviously thinks that anyone can coach anything. We cannot run the football. I do not comprehend the recruiting of running backs since Bryan McClendon was handed this gig by Mark Richt. 

If Mark Richt can sleep at night as the # 8 team in his own conference, that God tells him he did his best, then God help us. We are suffering as a football program because primarily we have no clue on running backs. Caleb King is a total abomination, a distraction, an un-skilled, un-motivated, un-producer. The regular season is finished with his total of 430 yards rushing and 2 catches for 8 yards. 2011 is not looking good at running back. It was hailed as a TANDEM 2010. It was anything but.


Warren Belin:
If you saw some linebacker play this season, I didn't and neither did anyone voting on any of our linebackers as good. We don't have the kind of players at this position that stand out in my mind. We have 4 linebacker jobs on our defense now. All 4 are gone after this season. I am willing to give him another year, as I am Mark Richt. I believe however, that 2011 is more of the same and that 2011 at his positions - like many others on this football team for 2011 - is way undermanned for the task of a tougher schedule next year than the 6 cupcakes we beat this year (And, lost to 2 cupcakes this year.)

Mark Richt :
I love the guy. Great guy. He is an embattled coach who has had 10 years of experience. Or, is it 1-year of experience 10 times in a row. Vince Dooley said Mark Richt was not ready yet and was going to teach him about CEO, head coach, the items which Mark Richt had no knowledge of when he got here, and still doesn’t. This coaching staff is the dead last worst coaching staff in America, which he has assembled here. Clearly, he must FIRE the remaining coaches he did here that he did not fire this time last season. What does that tell you about his ability to HIRE a coaching staff ? 

When the HOMER fans get it behind them all the EXCUSES and LIES about his coaching staff and read what you have written here about him, for example, they will cease to be Mark Richt does not call it like it is. He does not get after it. Unit, Corps, God, Country.
In 10 years, Mark Richt has beat 3 Top 10 Final AP Poll teams. He beat # 4 vols in 2001, stating that he knocked the lid off this program – losing 4 games 2001.

He beat # 6 LSU for The SEC Championship 2005 – losing 3 games 2005.

He beat # 9 Auburn 2006 – losing 4 games 2006.
He has beaten no one since Auburn 2006. On 9 other occasions against Top 10 teams in the Final AP poll, 

Mark Richt has LOST 9 games winning only those 3. All 3 of those years he lost either 3 or 4 games. There is supposed to be a separation of church and state. I love the man. I grew up in church. I am here to talk about football, college football – my hobby.

I have coached. I was a walk-on at The University of Georgia. Unit, Corps, God, Country. He is paid in excess of $ 3 million dollars a year to be our head football coach. His walk is solid. His “coaching staff” and record of beating the top teams, is not. Our talent has fallen off.
20 LOSSES the last 5 years, an average of 4-LOSSES per season the last 5 years.  4-LOSSES per season the last FIVE (5) years.

After the bowl games this season, there will be 25 coaches who will have averaged 10-win seasons over the last 5 years now today. These are 14-game seasons. In fact, 8 of the 10 Mark Richt seasons are 14-game seasons. There are 17 coaches today at their current school who have a better won/loss record than Mark Richt. There are 22 other football programs that have done better than us over the last 5 years. We don’t have any of the Jim Donnan recruits left and have not had for 5 years now this season. This is a tale of 2 five-year periods of the Mark Richt Era. 

There are the first 5-years and this second 5-years. Through both 5-year periods there are several consistent facts: we don’t recruit as well as we used to, we poorly evaluate both coaching staff and players, we have no discipline, we have never beaten a Top 10 Final AP poll team in any bowl game in the entire Mark Richt Era, and have Lost 9 of the 12 games Mark Richt has competed against in all 10 years now against a Top 10 Final AP poll team. We LOSE too many games. And, our coach has a priority other than his job. If he can put his head down on the pillow at night, after he gets up from his knees and retires for the evening, and get a good night’s rest that he is doing it the right way at The University of Georgia, he isn’t recruiting well, beating good teams, establishing himself as a forceful leader of men who fear him and feel they are disciplined, nor takes his job seriously.

I would like to win some football games. We find only 3 states with more high school recruits who go on to play in the NFL, and are # 22 in won/lost over these last 5 years now in the books. And, we are the # 11 college football program all-time in 1-A wins.
He isn’t getting his job done, and I don’t give a damn if he is a Christian.

F –

I have no confidence that he can all of a sudden hire a coaching staff. Twenty losses the last 5 years, averaging 4-Loss Seasons EVERY year of the last five years,  4 losses for  5 years in a Row, and he has ISSUES as head coach.

You cannot evaluate a football program who is 13-12 in its division over the last  5 years when there has been only one other decent team.


  1. Of the two glaring problems with UGA right now, one has been addressed and the other one is yet to be determined. Strength and conditioning had to change. CVH did a great job of preparing players years ago. However, the S&C world caught and passed him a few years ago. The mat drills are no longer a feared-team chemistry builder like they used to be. Now, they are just something that the team has to get through. I am not so sure that Coach T is not a bridge to someone more perminent. I thought that in order to replace CVH we would have to replace Richt. In that regard, kudos to CMR for atleast attempting to address the problem. Who knows? Coach T may be just the answer that we are looking for.
    The other glaring problem at this point is recruiting. What happened to the David Greenes and the Davey Pollacks of the UGA nation? Sure these 4 and 5 star recruits look really good in Febuary on a fax machine at the Butts Mehre building. But, we need the type of kid who slept in bulldog pajamas since he was 3 - the type of youngin' that could quote the scores and plays from TWLOCP for the past 40 seasons. Recruiting services are not complete jokes, but, they are not far from it. I love the big names and hope that they all pan out, however, I just think that we need to get a few more of those kids that would run through a brick wall just to get to tour the bulldog locker room.

  2. Man, why don't you just go ahead and shoot yourself now!

  3. Here, here James.

    Recruits are an issue. If you look at the Mark Richt recruits here, taking a list of the recruits, and highlighting the players who are Arrested & Suspended, transferred, or who are played as Favorites but do not produce; what you have is that the 2009 class is no longer on the roster - gone, the 2010 class was the worst of the Mark Richt Era, and that 2011 is already filled up and is no different. With all the losses we have from the roster this season; and the far tougher schedule 2011 than this season which saw us beat 6 cupcakes and saw us lose to 2 powderpuff football "teams," 2011 is not the season that Mark Richt wants to hang his hat on, coaching for his job here next season - which is what everyone other than the Richt-0-file Richt Apologists, say.


    You cannot evaluate our program OTHERWISE.

    This "coaching staff" is NOT GOOD, which Mark Richt was allowed to hire every one of, with an inability to hire a coaching staff. He needs an executive search firm to do all his hiring for him - bar none.

    Every coach on his staff needs to be let go.

    James, I was absolutely certain that your 2 would be (1) Recruiting - too many trouble-makers on the field and off who do not produce and (2) Mike Bobo, who gets away from what is working like a man who has no clue how to scheme a game. James, when you started out discussing our Two Major Failings, causing us to LOSE too many games - 20 losses the last 5 years, an average 4-Loss Season Every Season of the last 5, I was just certain there were going to be your 2 only points.

    Buck Belue, who posts nothing to his WebPages from all the comments he gets there - just a waste of time to discuss The Great Bulldog Nation with him - says that you either are behind and supporting this coaching staff, or you are not.

    Ok Buck.

    I am NOT. I don't think Mark Richt knows how to hire a coaching staff.

    How can an offense that produces the # 73 NCAA Ranked team in 1st Downs this 2010 season, NOT be the Major Problem causing ALL these LOSSES, James ?

    Martin Van Dawgin, assuming that this is you who wrote this sir, I asked 2 of you. I went back several days in a row thereafter, and saw no reply. First item, I re-printed (like you sir) a part of your initial piece where you are so super-critical of Mark Richt; and inquired did you write it. I got no reply. Secondly, you were asked what you wanted. I still don't know what you want. I do see you here saying you disagree with parts of what you describe as honest evaluation of the sorry state of the coaching staff at Georgia while we watch all these other schools once again go out and hire all these great coaches for their staffs. What parts do you disagree with ? Why say you disagree and fail to mention what your issue is or what your issues are, sir ?

    I do not drink Kool-Aid. I think for myself. You cannot evaluate this coaching staff 13-12 vs SEC East teams (when there has been only 1 team for us to play in The SEC East) over the last 5 complete seasons now, OTHERWISE. The coaching staff has to go Mark Richt, or you are facing an impossible task of being supported only by those who refuse steadfastly to break down the issues, and get after fixing them.

  4. Finally, someone who agrees with me and knows enough to articulate it. Mark Richt's record over the last 10 seasons has us winning only 65% of our games. That's not good enough for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. It's so easy to stay with what one has, to settle because change is scary and if you change you don't know what comes next. But do we want to settle for average instead of at least taking a chance on great? I want great. Just one girl's opinion. GO DAWGS!

  5. Thank you Shannon for your reply, anyway.

    The guy who runs this blog says he reads the posts in reply to make sure everything is on the up and up.

    Replying to directly addressed replies, presumably he only takes e-mails.

    Might as well reply to Buck Belue. At least there, you know you will not get a reply when the Blog Man here, posts a post demanding your reply - now twice.

    Both of which I replied to.

    2 different blogs.

    No reply from the owner of this blog either time.

    (Should I bother coming back a 3rd time to see if you are going to reply?)

    You know, if I was going to post a post asking for a poster to reply (twice) at least once, back, I think I would reply.

    I wish I knew what you wanted to know, what it is you don't agree totally with, that a reply online is not acceptable for.

    I have no secrets.

  6. Bulldawg,

    I appreciate all of your contribution to the site. Thanks for being patient with me (until it ran out sometime today perhaps).

    As far as comments, it becomes a challenge for me to moderate them, post new articles for you all to read, find relevant info, work (in whatever capacity that might be), and do whatever else that has to get done before trying to get a little sleep.

    The reason I failed to respond to you is that honestly, I just missed it this time. I did not see where you responded to my post about your comments and there is still nothing there if you want to check it.

    I very humbly apologize, as I we try to make this blog interactive and we want to know what you all think and want to know about.

    As far as your repost of my comments, I had no idea it was you, but yes I did write those words. I'm almost completely ready to fail Richt, as signs point to him not being able to make the really important decisions.

    As far as what I don't agree with you on- there are a few things. Some of which involve things I don't like discussing in a public manner like this blog. Coaches are public figures, but kids don't deserve to be criticized.

    I don't think Bobo deserves a failing grade. Being bad in an arbitrary offensive category like first downs doesn't necessitate that. And I don't think Aaron Murray got outplayed in 6 games this year. I couldn't be convinced of that.

    Warren Belin is pretty good. Have you seen the improvement in our special teams? I think we had a pretty solid LB corps this season and Dent will get an opportunity to play on Sundays.

    It's hard for me to critique Searles. Did you see what he did with all those young pups before this year. I don't know what happened.

    Other than that, there may be some things, but I think I got most of them.

    Again, sorry for the confusion and I really hope you didn't mind that I posted this. It was really a great comment and I appreciate your input VERY much.

    We're gonna get this figured out some day and get back to the NC. I just hope it's not another 30 years.

    Thanks and GO DAWGS!

  7. The hell the kids don't deserve to be criticized in public. Caleb Darnell King is a football player who feels that he is entitled. He told Ken Malcome, upon his arrival on campus, that he finds being Tailback at The University of Georgia, a Grind. He was the # 1 Top-Ranked Overall Football Player in the State of Georgia in 2006. This is 2011 in 16 days and he has done nothing in all the big games against teams with a run defense, since his arrival. Nothing.

    No Excuses.

    You can blame this on coaching.

    I do that.

    The player needs to GATA.

    Another one is Aaron Murray. I am fed up with all this Aaron Murray is great B.S. to fill his head with too when he is 6-6 as our Starting QB out-performed head-to-head on the field this season, by ALL 6 opposing quarterbacks who performed against him that night and beat him as a direct result. Aaron Murray is a dual-threat quarterback; really ? Averaging 2 yards a carry, stealing 8 carries a game from his running backs.

    I am fed up with all the arrests of the football recruits, recruited here by Mark Richt and their subsequent SUSPENSIONS. Over the 10 years of the Mark Richt Era, we have had 1 SUSPENSION a MONTH for 10 solid complete entire years, bar none.

    Richt-0-Files Richt Apologists tell me repeatedly, daily, that Mark Richt averages 10-win seasons. So, I looked it up, typed it, and tallied it up beginning 2006. There are 25 1-A college football programs FBS, 25, who will have averaged 10-win seasons after the bowl games over these last 5 years.


    I am sorry.

    Being 1 of 25 programs does not make Mark Richt great. This is UGA. We are The Bulldogs. # 11 All-Time in 1-A wins. There are 25 football programs BETTER than Mark Richt's here these last 5 complete solid entire seasons.

    Mark Richt is the BEST Bulldogs' coach EVER. This 1 is based upon 10-win seasons. Forget the losses. Talk wins only on this. 14-game seasons 8 of the 10 Mark Richt Era seasons. If you average 10-wins, and Mark Richt does NOT, then you average 4-LOSS seasons or 4-LOSS or NOT PLAYED IN THE GAME, seasons.

    3 out of 12 games vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams Mark Richt has WON. That means 9 of the 12, he LOST.

    10 LOSSES vs NOT Top 25 Final AP Poll teams. Colorado this season 5-7, for example.

    The talent level around here has to (1) get MUCH better, or else (2) the fans have to cease and desist with the barrage of EXCUSES and LIES about this football program and its players and GATA to inspire them to get off their duffs and do something to WIN.

    2010 Recruiting Class. You saw the 2010 recruiting class. What in the hell have ANY of them done this season ? After a 8-5 rebuilding year last year, those players should have been on the field, getting the damn job done. They failed. They got ARRESTED and SUSPENDED. They did NOTHING on the field. Nothing.

    2009 recruiting class, gone. No longer on the roster.

    2011 recruiting class, according to Dean Legge at yesterday - see Bulldogs' blog - is a sub-par recruiting class. We have 19 slots and have filled 16 with no impact players.


  8. 2 who STAND OUT as BAD PRESS daily all year this year, both of whom Mark Richt said to them that their Scholarships are INTACT here waiting for them, and their own football teams this season KICKED THEM OFF THEIR DAMN TEAMS. But, those are our 2 BEST RECRUITS for next season, 2011 Signing Date.

    You can't win like this.

    Who is next to be arrested / suspended ?

    Who next of the players will step up in public and make some statement as Aron White did that Zach Mettenberger was TREATED WRONGLY by Mark Richt at UGA.

    Who next of the players will step up in public and criticize Mark Richt, as Aaron Murray yesterday, that he should not have FIRED Dave Van Halanger as Strength & Conditioning coach.

    Great Googly Moogly.

    Just win some damn football games.

    And, SHUT UP in public.


    I don't want to hear Aaron Murray, Aron White or Caleb King say 1 damn thing about anything; but to get on the field, catch the football, throw the football, run the football and NOT be as we are this 2010 season # 73 in the NATION in 1st Downs. Quit dropping the football, fumbling the football, throwing the ball incomplete, and not getting 1st Downs. Quit all that. And, QUIT THE TALKING TO THE PRESS while you don't do ANY of that.

    This is ALL COACHING.

    A blog man should have no more than 1 blog a day. Update it if you have to. Read that day's blog responses. Reply.

    If after you publish your blog that day, Kirby Smart who turned down Mark Richt to be his Defensive Coordinator at $750,000 a year, takes the job at FLORIDA as their DC, then maybe that requires a 2nd blog that day. The first blog has been superseded.

    Bluto at get the picture has 20 a day. None are his own thoughts. You have original thoughts. They are quite good original thoughts you have. Read Bluto and he reads your blog, and talks about it on HIS BLOG. That's NOT RIGHT. Bluto should go your blog and reply here, not link it to his and talk about it there. I am fed up with his come-on titles for his blogs too. I don't go there. I don't and haven't read his blogs. They are NOT his blogs. They are your blog and everyone else's but his own blog.

    I will go and post this on whatever is your latest blog, so you don't have to come back to here to see my reply.

    Thank you for your blog, your reply, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    The hell Caleb Darnell King doesn't deserve to be criticized.

    Saving time, please advise which of the 6 losses you think the opposing quarterback head-to-head did a worse job as quarterback than Aaron Murray please sir. I will then address that 1 game; by the way, don't even start with Colorado. That kid killed us while Aaron Murray could not get a 1st Down. Since when is getting 1st Downs "ARBITRARY" offensive statistic ? Or, wins, either for that matter as Starting Quarterback at 6-6 as our Starting Quarterback.

    Merry Christmas and thank you, again, for all your hard work and efforts, sir.