Monday, December 20, 2010

Hair of the Dawg: Eligibility Question Marks

This is a great example of a great young man and
a DGD. Way to go Aron. GATA. (Photo UGA)

Christmas is about Jesus and giving. During this time of year, lots of different people are giving lots of different things. Some people are giving gifts, some are giving cheer, and some are giving their time. The point is, people are really feeling generous around Christmas. The person(s) I'd like to point out for being EXTREMELY GENEROUS this holiday season are the ones that teach our beloved student athletes.

In particular, those three to four that gave two members of our football team F's on their grade report. One of these fine specimens of academic achievement is reportedly starting RB Caleb King. Of course this is third/fourth hand info from us and was originally reported by Anthony Dasher of (We're one of those bloggers who does, in fact, give credit to sources). The other player has yet to be named, but if I had to venture a guess, I'd say it's probably a guy on defense who doesn't play much.

Before my head explodes, I'd like to state again that I don't like to call attention to players for things out of their control, which includes football ability, etc. Just as you were expecting, here comes the "but". To Caleb and whomever else couldn't keep their academic house in order, this is inexcusable behavior. Sub-par performance on the field is one thing, but a general distaste for abiding by the rules and being a good STUDENT athlete are a real cause for concern. Unfortunately, conduct like this is becoming a trend in Athens.

Just so you're aware of the gravity of this situation, Caleb and the mystery man have also placed themselves in a tenuous position for next year's season. In order to participate in the bowl, a player has to have received a minimum of 6 hours of credit in the semester. Here are the full requirements, per Georgiadogs:

  • Must have earned at least 24 credit hours during previous year with at least 18 earned during the regular academic year
  • Must have earned at least 18 earned during the previous regular academic year. 
  • Must have earned six hours during the previous spring semester to be eligible for competition during the fall semester.
  • Must have earned six hours during the fall semester to be eligible for competition during the spring semester.
  • Must have declared major; cumulative GPA requirement of 1.9 each semester.
  • 40% of degree must be completed.

These players didn't complete those six hours, which probably means they passed one class and will have three hours credit. This means they'll need at least 15 next semester and then 6 during May/Summer to make 24, or they will be ineligible next year. 

I can't tell you how fed up I am with this junk. Caleb has been arrested twice and we're still hearing bad news out of him. At some point, you'd figure that a guy would realize what gifts he's been given and try to make the most of them. No such luck.

With all of the tutors, study halls, note takers, and fluff classes that are available to athletes, with a little work, a degree is very attainable to every single kid who walks through the doors. Discipline and grade issues arise directly from a lack of respect for those around you. When evaluating a decision, or series of decisions, do some of these guys every think, "You know, if I do this people are really going to be disappointed in me. And I've already been down that road a few times. Maybe I should do the right thing like study." With the news of this, I'm not overly optimistic on our hopes for an improved offseason in the discipline area. 

Not all of the football team has the same ideas, however.

In other quite notable positive news, Damn Good Dawg and TE Aron White delivered the commencement speech at UGA's Fall Graduation on Friday. If you get a chance to READ it, it's certainly worth your time. It was quite a nice send off to the fall graduates. I'm proud that kid chose to wear the Red and Black, as he's a great example of what a student athlete at UGA should be. Humble, and most of all grateful for the opportunity that he's been afforded. Congratulations to Aron and all of those other graduates. You've earned it. 

Just so you know, there were 17 current and former football Dawgs graduating on Friday and also one former basketball player. I'll list the current ones first below followed by the formers.
  • Quintin Banks, Warner Robins, Ga., Art
  • Brian Brewer, Lilburn, Ga., Psychology
  • Chris Davis, Jefferson, Ga., Child and Family Development
  • Josh Davis, Jayess, Miss., Speech Communication
  • Akeem Dent, Atlanta, Ga., Housing
  • DeMarcus Dobbs, Savannah, Ga., Consumer Economics
  • Darryl Gamble, Bainbridge, Ga., Housing
  • Akeem Hebron, Gaithersburg, Md., Consumer Economics
  • Andrew Johnson, Athens, Ga., Biological Engineering
  • Fred Munzenmaier, Norcross, Ga., Finance
  • Derek Rich, Gainesville, Ga., Finance 
  • Tanner Strickland, Nashville, Ga., Speech Communication
  • Kiante Tripp, Atlanta, Ga., Risk Management/Insurance
  • Aron White, Columbia, Mo., Management 
  • Charles White, Columbia, S.C., Management
  • Brandon Wood, Buchanan, Ga., Housing
  • Fred Gibson, Waycross, Ga., Housing
  • Corey Butler, Decatur, Ga., Microbiology

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