Monday, December 6, 2010

H2H's 1st Annual College Football Bowl Pick'em

Fun Office Pools is a great place to have some friendly competition. We've decided to host our first bowl Pick'em there and we invite all of you to participate. The prizes are fantastic. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to win one of our many prizes such as a brand new 2011 Kia Rio, courtesy of Ed Voyles, or a $5000 Visa Gift Card, courtesy of Best Buy of Kennesaw.

Just kidding. The only things we can offer are a few of our nifty H2H bumper stickers, which have been valued at over $36 a piece in the latest edition of Beckett. Well, I got you again but they may actually be priceless by now. Some of you might have already been lucky enough to get one if you were featured on the last few "Tales From the Tailgate".

At any rate, I'll post the link to the pool homepage at the top of the site. The pool name is H2H's 1st Annual Bowl Pick Em and the password is bigbadbruce8. Just in case you can't remember the password, I'll put it in the messages from the commissioner part of the homepage.

I've participated in my fair share of pools there and the functionality is really good, plus you don't have to create a yahoo ID that you have to check separately of your other email. If you have any questions don't hesitate to post a pool message.

Join up and we'll have a little friendly fun.

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