Friday, December 31, 2010

GACA All-Star Classic Recap

The game was pretty uneventful, with the North winning by a surprising 22-0 count. It was a really good day for football in Columbus with temps right around 55-60 degrees. I'll have video from the game as soon as Dawgola returns from his long retreat to the snow-capped paradise of Park City, Utah. In any event, the game was a nice exhibition and highlighted student athletes from around the state.

The UGA commits had mostly average games as I could tell. Devin Bowman's mom sat right behind me and was all decked out in her game gear. Corey Moore didn't make a huge impact and Chris Sanders had a few nice plays and one big hit but obviously is very small for safety at this point. My initial impressions of the three really didn't change any after seeing them in action.

I was very impressed with UGA recruit Jay Rome. He looks the part of a college TE right now. In the second half when the South was struggling for offense, the QB looked for Rome every time they needed a big play. He had some nice catches and runs his routes very well for such a big guy. I expect really big things out of him down the road. Malcolm Mitchell looked physically imposing and had several catches early on, but I don't think he played in the second half for some reason.

The most impressive players of the game in my view were Collins Hill QB Taylor Heinicke and Mays DE Darrius Caldwell. Heinicke looked very poised in the pocket and was far more developed as a passer than his Northern counterpart C.J. Uzomah. He passed for somewhere around 250 yards and 3 TD. Caldwell was a beast throughout the game and looked like the best DE on the field by far. He was really long and lanky but he'll be a good one in college. I can't tell you how disappointed I was to hear he was going to Tech. Too bad he'll be a Nerd.

Some other notable players were RB Broderick Snoddy of Carrollton, WR DeMarco Robinson of MLK, CB/S Ashely Lowery of White County, and Elbert DB Valdon Cooper. Yet again I was disappointed to hear that Snoddy is headed to Tech. That kid is EXTREMELY fast. Lowery had a very nice tackle of Malcolm Mitchell on a WR screen and held him in check when he was head up on Mitchell. Valdon Cooper should get a UGA offer, as he started over Bowman and, as I heard from a player on the North squad, was "by far the best player on the field on defense all week". Richt has said he'll stay in contact, but with our situation at corner this guy couldn't get an offer fast enough.

Overall, the game was pretty good but was a bit of a disappointment. I wasn't so excited because two of the best guys I saw are headed to Tech next year. Despite these guys lack of "stars", they look like actual football players, which is something that the Dawgs need more of.

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