Friday, December 3, 2010

For These Coaches, The Hot Seat is Made of Lava

As we approach and enter the offseason for many teams, there looms the inevitable carousel of coaching changes. There are a few ones that are blatantly obvious and a couple more that might not be so common-sensical. Let me make this clear, this is not a Gary Barnett VIP Club update, though there are some GBVIP candidates tucked into this. Because everyone loves lists of things, here you go:

(Starting with lowest probability at 5 and working to highest probability at 1)

5. Mike Locksley, New Mexico: I guess this position should be appropriately termed "Should Be Fired, but Is Allowed to Stay for Monetary Reasons". The Lobos are 2-22 under Locksley's lead and are easily the worst team in Division-1 football. To go with his astounding win total, he was accused of sexual harassment by an administrative assistant and hit an assistant coach and was suspended for ten days without pay. Why they're keeping this guy around is a mystery.

4. "Yabo" Dabo Swinney, Clemson: The Tigers are bowl eligible, but three of those wins are Presbyterian, Wake, and North Texas. I thought this was a completely awful hire in the beginning and saw the dumpster fire that awaited the Tigers with Swinney at the helm. I think you could put Georgia right there with Clemson as "6-6 Teams with at least 10-2 talent". I'm not a big fan of promoting from within and I don't think Clemson will be either after next year. Count FSU in that group as well.

3. Danny Hope, Purdue: Just two years into Hope's tenure, Purdue AD Morgan Burke had this to say about fans who want Hope fired, "God, yes. There are people who probably don't agree with Danny's hire and may not have agreed with the succession plan." Burke has already instilled the Boiler Nation with a lot of confidence in Hope after declining to renew his contract when it comes due in 2014. This sounds to me like, "Yeah we've already fired him in our minds we just don't have the cash to come up with the buyout." Mr. Hope, you're toast!

2. David Cutcliffe, Duke: This guy just isn't a head coach. Why can't some people understand it? He's one of the best coordinators in the country, he just isn't cut out for leading the troops. He is a miserable 10-21 at Duke, and I might add that they are probably the worst BCS AQ school in the nation. I'd be surprised if he doesn't get walking papers pretty soon.

1. Rich Rodriguez, Michigan: At Wolverines annual banquet, Dickrod broke down and wept. His immortal words will always be remembered, "Have pity on me. I completely suck as a coach but I had the perfect storm in Morgantown to run my offense for 3 years. You don't need defense in the Big East. I can't help that. We beat up on Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Don't I still get some street cred?" Well, that wasn't exactly his words, but close. If he makes it a week past the bowl game I'll eat my hat. 

And there you have it. I'm assuming that Jim Harbaugh has the inside track on that Michigan job and deservedly so. He's an alum and is, in my opinion, one of the best coaches in the country. Add in the fact he's a jerk and hates Pete Carroll and you have a home run hire. 

What do you think?


  1. Cutcliffe is 10-21 at DUKE.

    He is safe for years.

  2. In 7 seasons as head coach at Ole Miss, Cutcliffe was 15 games over .500 overall and had a winning record in the SEC as well. After him, Ed Orgeron went 10-25 overall and 3-21 in the SEC over 3 seasons...Wild Boyz, baby! In the most recent 3 seasons, Houston Nutt is 6 games over .500 overall, but 4 games under .500 in SEC play.

    Nobody wins at Duke. They finished 5-7 last game from making a bowl, which is a very rare thing at Duke. This season they've lost 3 games by less than a TD and were only blown out twice(by VT and Bama). He has won 12 games in Durham, not 10.

    As for Dabo, I agree that it was a bad hire, but he did get Clemson to the ACC championship game last year so that'll probably buy him another year. Wouldn't be surprised at all if he gets dumped after the 2011 season though.

  3. # 0 Mike Bobo, gone as our Offensive Coordinator

    What else do I think ?

    That the worst-named bowl game is the

    BCS National Championship

    How can you decide among 120 teams, picking

    ONLY 2 ?

    On this day, that is the most relevant question.

    The BCS NC G Bowl Game is a PLAY-OFF

    a 2-TEAM play-off

    How utterly preposterious.