Thursday, December 16, 2010

Florida Coordinator Update

Now that Muschamp has delivered his slew of run-on sentences in his official Florida presser (seen below), we all wait on who he will hire for both his coordinator positions. Also, in a classic switcharoo, it appears that "current" UF defensive coordinator, Teryl Austin, will be the replacement for Muschamp as DC for the Longhorns.

ANYWAY here are some names that are being thrown around for both of Florida's coordinator positions:

  • Al Borges -- Muschamp and Borges coached together for a couple of seasons at Auburn, so they have a prior relationship. Plus Borges, now at San Deigo State, helped the Aztecs put up 448 yards of offense per game this past season, which was second highest in the Mountain West.
  • Major Applewhite -- A few days ago, it was reported that Applewhite was a "done deal" to Florida. Then it was reported he was going to take over the offense at Texas (he currently coaches running backs there). Nothing has happened so we're assuming he is still a candidate. Obviously Muschamp knows him very well since they were recently both at Texas.
  • Paul Petrino -- I mean, they were rumored to be interested in his brother Bobby as head coach. And he runs a pro-style offense, which is what Muschamp apparently wants to run. Just a thought. (btw he currently coaches at Illinois)
  • Mike Leach -- Doesn't fit the "pro-style" offense but the position is available, he lives in Florida (Key West), and is not employed...but I think he is way overqualified.
  • Kirby Smart -- Obviously he knows Muschamp. They are both Saban proteges (sorry, don't know how to do the accent marks), and if Major Applewhite joined them, it would make the most awesomely Fratastic coach grouping in history. Plus, it would give Smart the opportunity to get out of "Saban's shadow" and run the defense himself (although Muschamp might have a say in that since he is also a defensive guy)
  • Will Muschamp -- He says it's possible. Not sure this would be a good idea considering all the other stuff he has to worry about.
  • Some current Florida assistant -- Muschamp said he's also considering current assistant coaches at Florida (also mentioned in the linked article above). Not really sure who it would be but I highly doubt this would happen.
That's about all the names we are hearing. Usually when things like this happen, it ends up being some name you haven't thought of so...we'll see.

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  1. if your going to thro mike leach in there, Chris Hatcher should also be in the mix. he coached with him at VSU and he is also off the Mumme coaching tree. He doesn't run a pro style offense either though.