Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Five Dawgs on PFW's All-American Team, Most by Far has announced it's yearly All-Americans list and the Dawgs were well represented with five players making the list. This was, by far, more than anyone else had named to the list. In fact, no other team had more than one player selected. Add that to the host of items that baffle you as to why this team went 6-6.

The list is made up of players, who, according to scouts, played well this season and have the most professional potential at their position. With these kind of honors, don't you think we should have been a little better?

Anyway, here are the five. I'm sure you probably won't be surprised.

OG: Cordy Glenn
OG: Clint Boling
WR: A.J. Green
OLB: Justin Houston
P: Drew Butler

My initial impression is if we have the two best pro prospects at offensive guard, why did the O-line under-perform so mightily? I'm baffled. As far as A.J., Butler, and Houston, well those were a given. Once again we have a number of guys who are projected to be great prospects, but we don't get the full potential out of them.

I will say that we did get the most out of A.J. And Houston, but Houston was another one of those guys that the staff didn't have any idea where to best utilize him early in his career. Of course that may be attributable to the fact that we were running a scheme that didn't suit him best.

These are the type of things that have to change at UGA in order for the Dawgs to get back to being a competitive, nationally prominent team. Let's face it, is anyone really scared of us anymore?
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  1. It is called coaching and we have little of it in big moments

    Hence the 6 wins with a great freshman year at QB and a solid stat D