Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dawgs Get No Love for SEC Freshman of The Year

Saw this on the Georgia Sports Blog the other day. He's good folks.

Today Marcus Lattimore was named SEC Freshman of the year. Apparently 4.8 yards per carry on 248 carries gets you the award. I'll admit that his rushing total of almost 1200 yards with 17 TD's is impressive for a freshman, but 4.8 per carry? Not elite. I assume they base this judgment on all-purpose yards, where Lattimore's 1565 was second in the conference only to do-everything Randall Cobb. If you knock it down to yards per play, Lattimore rolls down to about 30th in the SEC. Again, that stat is a little misleading.

So if Lattimore received the honor, that can only mean one thing- the freshman with 24 TD/ 6INT, a sparkling 162.72 passer rating (9th in FBS), 9.4 yards per attempt (5th in FBS), and 28 total TD's accounted for didn't get it. That guy would be Aaron Murray. I'm sorry, but this should've been Aaron's award to lose. This can probably go on the list of "Things Chocked Up to Being 6-6" and the fact that the Cocks got more attention this year than they have in their history. Still the ratings for the SEC Championship were down 49% from a year ago. Yet another snubbing that I wasn't too happy to hear.

The other snubbing I'm referring to is when Julio was picked for SEC Freshman of the Year when A.J. was named to first team All-SEC. Julio was on the second team. A.J. had more yards, receptions per game, more yards per catch, and  twice as many touchdowns as Jones. Somehow the media thought it would be a great idea to give Jones the award, probably because he's the more "physical receiver" of the two. For the record, I would like to choke any color guy who think's that Green is more of a finesse guy. Obviously they haven't seen the video below.

Mark this occasion down as another one of those times the Cocks beat us when we were better than them in every category. Grinds my gears...

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