Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coaching Rumors: Muschamp Included

It looks as though this year is going to be a more active year than usual in the coaching mill. With the high profile hirings/firings/retirings there are a lot of positions garnering attention. The most prominent of which reside in Gainesville, FL with Will Muschamp's staff decisions. There were also some pretty big openings at Maryland (apparently) and Miami, as well as smaller spots at Kent State and the "Jars"* of Ball State. What's the latest on all of these situations? Well look no further.

  • Miami: It looks like Golden is retaining some of the staff from Shannon's regime in the city of blow and Cubans. O-line coach Jeff Stoutland, LB coach Micheal Barrow, and WR coach and recruiting coordinator Aubrey Hill will all stay on staff through 2011. Along with these three Golden has hired three other guys in DC Mark D'Onofrio, DL coach Jethro Franklin and DB coach Paul Williams. All of these guys were a part of his staff at Temple.
  • Maryland: UM AD Kevin Anderson forced out Ralph Friedgen yesterday and fired the ACC's Coach of the Year because he refused to retire. Anderson has gone on record saying that Maryland reason was that they decided they were "going in a different direction". As I'm sure most of you know, Mike Leach has already been in preliminary discussions with Maryland and was considered for the job last year before it was decided that the buyout would be too much. CIW James Franklin's arrangement also complicated things. Friedgen, for some silly reason, will coach the team in the bowl game and will receive about $2 million. 
  • UCLA: Tricky Rick Neuheisel fired DC Chuck Bullough WR coach Reggie Moore on Saturday and it appears that Norm Chow might be on the outs as well. Neuheisel has maintained that he "is not done evaluating" and that other changes could be looming. If you want to talk about terrible high-profile assistants this year, Chow has to be on the top of that list. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets canned. 
  • Texas: Now that the staff at Texas looks like a Snickers booth at Weight Watchers convention, Mack Brown is looking to fill his staff will some competent people. The most important vacancy for him to fill is the DC position left open by Muschamp's departure from Austin. Rumors abound about who might fill the vacancy, but the leading candidate seems to be former Boise DC turned Vol, Justin Wilcox. Vol fans already want to push him out so he, in fact may be staying in Knoxville. My now least favorite SEC head coach (beside Lord Visor) has to be Dooley after his remarks about the Wilcox rumors. Chris Low had quoted him as saying, "I'm not going to beg a guy to stay, because I got thousands of 'em right behind him waiting for their job," Dooley said. "And we don't depend on an assistant coach, just like one player doesn't make a program. I'm losing sleep over North Carolina, not our coaches." Randy Shannon also seems to be garnering some attention here and I think he'd be a great hire for anyone.
And finally for your Florida fix...
  • Florida: It looks like the main man in Muschamp's sights is OC Al Borges of San Diego State. He coached at Auburn with Muschamp and runs a pro-style system, which is what Will has stated he will be running at UF. This isn't big news, as it's been reported for at least a week and Borges has pretty much denied knowing anything about it. A few other names have popped up such as Steve Ensminger, Major Applewhite, and current OC Steve Addazio, but none of those guys have a chance. As far as the defensive side of the ball possible candidates include Duane Akina (currently UT DB coach), Tim Walton (Detroit DB coach), and of course Kirby Smart. Smart isn't going to UF and forming what I'll go ahead and trademark as the Fearsome Frattastic Phalanx. I think Walton would be a very, very good hire for them, as he has NFL experience and an impressive college resume at Miami. 

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