Friday, December 10, 2010

CNNSI Takes A Run At Cam Newton's Heisman Speech

I know I said I wasn't going to say anything else about Cam. Well, technically speaking, I'm not if I just link to Austin Murphy's magnificent piece in Sports Illustrated.The best part of the whole piece is this statement:

"Finally, I want to thank the Heisman voters for casting their ballots for me as the most "outstanding" player in college football, and not reading too deeply into that part on the award's website that mentions the 'pursuit of excellence with integrity.'"

 I just noticed this on the Vent courtesy of Hacksaw. I hate to admit that I was over there, as I've put a self-imposed ban on snooping around that place for fear that I might catch the crazies. I will say the majority of folks over there are level-headed, but the few insane-o's often get me so rattled it's not worth looking at.

It's a really entertaining read if you have the time.

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