Friday, December 3, 2010

Championship week -- Only the bravest of men pick these games. When you've had a season as tough as we have, your best spent time would be fending off looming bookies. Because we have no time for that,  the next best thing to do is double up. Since cash is more scarce than a donut at a Weight Watchers convention, we're pretty much down to change and the Coinstar. It's been a LONG year for our little pig but somehow he's still we need to go out with a bang!

(Home team in CAPS)

Oregon at OREGON STATE (+16.5) -- Also known as "The Civil War". I know what your thinking....Oregon State just got beat 38-0 last week to Stanford and has NO chance to play with the mighty Ducks. BUT, this is about as pressure packed a game as Oregon could draw for the following reasons:
  1. We've seen these national championship contending teams completely choke this late in the season before. (remember West Virginia losing to Pitt in '07 as a 27-point favorite, and uh..Boise last week)
  2. It's a rivalry game AND it's at Oregon State. You've got nothing to lose if you're the Beavers...can't hold anything back now.
  3. Oregon State's schedule and results are like a crazy deranged hormonal pregnant woman -- all over the place. Here are some of their results: Beat Cal 35-7, lost to Washington State at home 31-14, beat USC 36-7, lost to Stanford 38-0. This kind of inconsistency would scare me if I was Oregon
And with all of this said, Oregon State is still receiving 16.5's Play: Oregon State +16.5

Florida State (+4) vs. Virginia Tech (Charlotte, NC) -- Ah, the ACC championship...always a classic. Actually, I'm thinking this will be the best one yet. Both teams travel pretty well and Charlotte is a better central location than Jacksonville. Both teams are pretty even BUT FSU is coming off a pretty impressive drubbing of Florida, so they're confident. And since FSU is getting four points, I'll be taking the 'Noles. Dawgola's Play -- Florida State (+4)

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma (-4) -- This one is easy...."Big Game Bob" usually wins this one and loses in the BCS game. Plus, Nebraska's QB situation is dicey to say the least. Dawgola's Play: Oklahoma (-4). If Ndamukong Suh was still playing...MAYBE I would pick the Huskers...because if memory serves me correctly, he was pretty much a bada** last year:

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