Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Auburn Academic Scandal Brewing?

I've been hearing some rumors about a possible academic scandal brewing in WarTigerPlainsmen country, but I've yet to see solid proof that there's any truth to it. I found an article on SportsbyBrooks and they seem to think that there is something to the cryptic comments made by Gene Chizik last week regarding the academic standing of some of his players.

What led to all of this is Chizik's response to a question about if there were going to be any academic casualties for the bowl. He said that the WTP's "are getting some things cleared up academically" and wasn't sure if the whole team was in good academic standing.

Jay Coulter at Track 'em Tigers reported:

There’s still no word on whether Auburn had any academic casualties that could cause some players to miss the championship game. Auburn coach Gene Chizik has been mum on the subject for the past month. You can bet the rumor mill will be in overdrive this week if Chizik doesn’t address the issue. Keep your fingers crossed…

I really don't think there's anything to this. Let's face it, it's Auburn, where Georgia students go because they can't get into UGA. Yeah, I know that's a ruthless jab at the Barners, but it's true. I think this is probably an attempt at generating some traffic to the site. Again, another ruthless jab, but this is really, really weak. Because there's no information there's automatically bad info? Come on, you gotta come with stronger stuff than that. 

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  1. "where georgia students go who cant get into uga"

    yes thats true. Auburn has football players like that EVERY YEAR... Ronnie Brown comes to mind immediately