Thursday, December 23, 2010

And Herbie Cried or All Inked Up and Nowhere To Go

Once again Twitter ruins a team's season. Last night in the BSU/Utah game, Herbie proclaimed that Terrelle and Co. were being investigated for receiving improper benefits. In what may go down as some of the poorest decisions ever, several Ohio State players got some new ink for autographs and sold some merchandise.

Just so you know, I'm not a fan of tattoos in the first place. Getting them free and then being suspended for it makes the idea even worse. Is putting a tribal armband or picture of your mama really worth ruining your team's season? From what I hear, the ink got them in a quandary and then the NCAA found out they sold Big-10 Championship rings and jerseys.

Because I'm really not familiar with how much new ink runs these days, is a few new tats worth the NCAA finding more out? I will say that I think it would probably take a hell of a of a skin artist to risk getting in this much trouble.

Considering A.J.'s suspension, it would seem like these guys would figure out that they would get caught eventually. This is just plain boneheadedness on their part. It had to be hurtful for Sweatervest to see his kids selling their rings.

The five players involved are:

QB: Terrelle Pryor
RB: Dan Herron
WR: Devier Posey
OT: Mike Adams
DE: Solomon Thomas

In addition to the five game suspension, the players must repay $1000-$2500 to a charity. How will they do this? If they had the money in the first place, don't you think they wouldn't have sold all that stuff? I know when I was in college I sure didn't have two grand floating around to give anyone.

At any rate, this has some pretty big effects on Ohio State. If I were Pryor it would be hard to stay around if I wasn't going to be able to play the first five games. He's probably not going to improve his draft stock that much in 5 games. That same fact goes for everyone else on the team who is draft eligible and will likely be drafted after next year.

The Buckeyes could be some real trouble next season. If I were Jim, I'd be calling Mark Richt and asking what it feels like having your best player out for most of the first half of the season. That way I could better temper my expectations for what I have ahead.

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  1. It ain't the same. We weren't afforded the time that the NCAA affords OSU for next year's replacement training. We also voluntarily didn't play AJ the first two games since the NCAA and the SEC said if AJ was declared ineligible later, we would forfeit games in which he played. Why doesn't that apply to OSU and their players? The NCAA drug their feet before rendering AJ's decision and in OSU's case announced asap. That means that they had pondered for the previous months during the playing season and knew that these players could be declared ineligible. What a crock!