Monday, November 22, 2010

What Playing Boise Means

Some are for it, others are against it. The best way to evaluate the decision to play Boise State in the Dome in lieu of a home opener against Louisville is to examine the pros and cons. For the sake of optimism let's go ahead and save the pros for are the cons:

  1. We are MUCH more likely to lose this game than at home to an average Louisville squad. And in case you don't remember 2009, starting out 0-1 is not a very encouraging way to come out of the gates...long drive back from Stillwater.
  2. We now only have six home games instead of seven. Even though we'll have somewhat of a home field advantage in Atlanta, it's still not the same.
  3. This one is actually a "what if" scenario: If Boise were to lose at #19 Nevada this Friday night and miss out on ANY BCS bowl altogether, the pressure to win this game would be back on us at the start of next my opinion anyway.
  4. Cousin to number 3, if Boise gets smashed in a BCS bowl this year, same thing....pressure back on us.
  5. A loss could set our program back even farther if we get embarrassed on national TV. (recruiting, laughing stock, Richt on the hot seat talk, etc.)
  6. Win or lose, we are more likely to face a "let down" game (as opposed to Louisville) against what should be a very tough South Carolina game the very next week....0-2 is almost as fun as starting out 0-1.
Now the PROS:
  1. A win on primetime national TV against a worthy opponent would be a HUGE boost for our program. (recruiting, national respect, we would be ranked again!, etc.) Playing Louisville on ESPN2 at noon would not have to same effect.
  2. A win would be a HUGE, albeit temporary, boost for Mark Richt. (Well, I guess if you really want Richt fired this would be a con)
  3. Possible help IF AND ONLY IF we make a "run" and get into a "BCS Computer ranking competition". Playing Boise should help out our schedule strength.
  4. It's more exiting for us, the fans, than playing a boring Louisville team that will finish at best 7-5 next season.
  5. It's not a bad place to a) watch a game (every seat is fold-out seat backs), or b) travel to. For most Dawg fans, it's probably a shorter drive than to Athens.
  6. Good uniform clash: Red and Black vs. Blue and Orange. Wait, that reminds me too much of Florida....moving on....
  7. If Boise goes undefeated this year (possibly winning it ALL), the pressure would be on them, not us. I think it helps if we're the underdog.
  8. They might serve beer at the game since it's not an SEC mandated event.....what, I'm just sayin'. A guy can hope can't he....
I, for one, am all for this game. Besides, if you're not used to Georgia losing football games then get your head out of the sand....because it's been happening a lot lately....and the pain lessens with every loss....but, I mean, it's not like we've never beaten Boise before...


  1. I think another pro is that this game will serve as much better incentive to practice harder during the offseason than it would if we were starting off with Louisville. I would imagine the DAWGS are just as much fed up about all the Boise hype and would love to show them (again) what SEC football is all about. I hope Boise wins it all this year just so our beating of them next season is all that much better. GO DAWGS!!

  2. It also means we don't open 2012 AT Louisville followed by AT South Cackalacky.

  3. boy you know Boise wants some payback for that game...amazing thing to me is how much bigger we looked as a team back then. Today we seem so thin...

  4. The SEC has a lot better football teams to play Boise State than UGA right now. Our schedule, already harder than this season, is now even that much more of a challenge for a program which has Lost 20 games the last 5 years, 4 a year. Our team loses 14 seniors and maybe 4 juniors. We have beat no one. Combined records of the teams we got 5 "wins" against this season add up to 39 losses. We lost all the other games, more losses than wins. We are 13-12 vs SEC East the last 5 years, and again, this game does nothing to help that either. Why is that at # 2 worst in the nation the last 5 years now in Arrests / Suspensions that no one wants to bring up NEGATIVE : We will not be at full strength and likely lose several key players we can hardly do without. In fact, some will still be out for South Carolina. FACT. This is not the 2005 team. This is the 2011 team. A team made up of a very poor recruiting class 2010, another poor one for 2011, and the 2009 recruiting class for us is gone, not on the team any longer.

    We are a down football program.

    We said we wanted to lift the revenue at Sanford Stadium for Athens. Then, we come out we want to keep the game in JAX which hurts that and add in taking on Boise State away from our Home as well. If we were playing Boise State at the Dome instead of an away game, that would be different.

    We have no running game.

    We lose our best wide receiver.

    Our OL was supposed to be better this season than next season.

    We have a bad offense. Our NCAA Rank Total Offense is # 54. Normally, CMR averages # 52 Total Offense NCAA Rank over his first 10 years here.

    We have $ 100 million in the bank. We need another $ 1 million ? Or, we need to FIX our football program ?

    We probably will see in-state recruits interested in going to Boise State because we deem this an important game for us to play.

    Let Boise State play Auburn, play Alabama, play LSU.

    I think it stinks to high heaven. It is not the right match-up for the supposedly # 3 team in the nation who is # 1 in the nation in wins over the last 5 years now since we last played them in 2005.

    Why not Alabama ?

    Because Georgia is so freaking GREAT ?