Friday, November 12, 2010

Unfortunately for Dawgola, he went 0-3 last week. As you can see above, it wasn't pretty on Saturday night. The pressure's on me to make some heady picks this week and reedem his underwhelming performance from last week. Otherwise I'll end up a greasy spot on some bookie's black Mercedes front bumper. 

Now for the picks! As always home team in CAPS.

Maryland at VIRGINIA (+2): If you know anything about Maryland, you know that they're not any good. This UVA team has been up and down this season, but they're getting two points at home. I like to go with the home dogs and not EVER Maryland.

MVD's Pick: VIRGINIA (+2)

Syracuse (-2) at RUTGERS: The Scarlet Knights need to find Excalibur at this point. Syracuse is second in the Big East and looks to be turning the program around with new-er head coach Doug Marrone. I'm not a big fan of Rutgers and Syracuse is the better-coached team.

MVD's Pick: Syracuse (-2)

Clemson (+5.5) at FLORIDA STATE: Jimbo is not on my good list. I think he's got so many talented athletes that he actually looks competent. Well, he isn't. Kyle Parker and the gang make this one close and scare the Seminoles at home. Don't think Clemson has enough to win, but Jimbo is just bad enough to put FSU in a quandry late. 

MVD's Pick: As Dr. Lou would say, "Clemmons!" (+5.5)  

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