Wednesday, November 17, 2010

UGA's Bowl Projection

If, and I mean this is a big if, the Dawgs beat Tech next Saturday, that means we're 6-6! Bowl Bound Baby!! So where will we go? Well, according to ESPN it looks like either.....and I'm not even making this up....the "BBVA Compass Bowl" (appropriate name because I had NO idea where it was played) against Louisville, OR the "AutoZone Liberty Bowl" against UCF. At least I've heard of the second one.

Actually, the "Compass Bowl" was formerly known as the " Bowl", and still takes place in Birmingham. The Liberty Bowl is played in Memphis. If I had my way, I'd rather beat Tech, give our players all the crap you get for going to a bowl, and forfeit the actual bowl game.

But here is the info about each game:

Compass Bowl: January 8th (12:00PM ESPN)
Liberty Bowl: December 31 (3:30 ESPN)

This will obviously become a lot clearer after next weekend, not that I really give a *#@&.


  1. We play Louisville in the opener next year so there's no point at all in playing them. UCF in Memphis...not much better.

    Still hoping we can fall into the Music City Bowl vs Clemson or UNC, but it's unlikely.

  2. If we play Louisville, their coach will know how to shut down a Bobo offense. Charlie Strong.

    Even if we beat tech, it might be best to not go to a bowl game and work on next year. Most of the players on defense still do not get assignment football so it would be better if they practiced fundamentals and not worry about playing another team. God knows the secondary needs help.

  3. Everybody remember that the players get to use this time as practice... This time is otherwise not available to the team. To clarify, We ONLY get the extra practice time if it is in preparation for a bowl game. With that being the case, everybody better hope for the Compass Bowl as we get the maximum amount of additional practice time. Also, it would be in an isolated time slot, so no competition...

  4. Anon 3:37,

    To go along with no competition, we'll also have no interest. I'm gonna estimate that bowl gets about a .8 rating.