Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Todd Grantham Has A Tickle In His Throat

This "Choke" video seems to be getting a lot of play. Jeff Schultz at the AJC has Dawg fans in an uproar about it and blogs all over creation are giving their own take of it. I'm not going to take the time to link his article, as it seems to serve no other purpose but to incite rage against the AJC. Honestly, I've got more things to worry about than their "journalistic integrity".

For those of you who have read Schultz's article, the AJC sells advertising based on the number of visitors the site receives. If you don't like his opinion, don't bother to read it. I guarantee you Schultz is grinning like a fox eatin' yellow jackets* right now. Dawg fans want to see how bad the article was, so in turn, they read his piece. If you read because you wanted to see his diatribe, well, the terrorists have already won.

I really don't have a problem with what any paper writes. Do you think Jeff Schultz really cares about Todd Grantham or what he does? Not generally. He's in the business of getting press, and he's making hay right now because he's managed to piss off Dawg fans. Any readers are good ones, regardless of their affiliation or affectation for his pieces. The point is, he can write whatever he wants as long as he gets people to see it.

As far as the act in itself, I also could care less. Were I a Florida fan and saw it, I'd probably have to agree with Grantham. The cat has missed three very clutch field goals this year out of eight tries and is only hitting 50% of his attempts. Grantham was echoing the sentiments of every other person in that stadium and those watching or listening. If you think a coach has never done this before, obviously you haven't met Pete Carroll. Yeah, he's okay I guess.

My point is, why does everyone have to be so nice all the time? Should everyone on the field say, "Hey, I hit you. I'm so sorry for inconveniencing your route to the endzone. Would you like a chocolate or a sympathy card?" It's so stupid that everyone has to be politically correct ALL of the time. People are emotional and that's what got the better of CTG in this case. Let it go.

Look, the world isn't rainbows and lollipops. Ask Urban or Chas if he really felt he hadn't choked in big situations prior to his kick Saturday. I think I know what the answer would be.

Would you rather have Joel Osteen out there running the defense?

*My initial post did not include the source for this down south jargon. A.R.C. your euphemistic genius is appreciated as always. 


  1. Damn good comment fellow Dawg. Well said. Thanks, and we need more articles like this more often. Great close...still laughing.

  2. Well Anon, appreciate the sentiment and we're working on it.

    Thanks for reading.