Monday, November 1, 2010

Thoughts about Jacksonville...

Well, I haven't quite gotten over the game but I'm feeling a lot better...I spent the weekend down there so I guess I'll fill you in on what I noticed at the game (in not particular order):
  • We were the better team overall, although I still think Florida has superior defensive personnel (especially in the secondary)
  • Murray is going to be VERY good and I think Florida knows it too. Not many young QBs would have recovered from his horrendous start.
  • Murray's turnovers cost us the game (although some of those picks were on the receivers) even though they were in the first half. Florida didn't have the offense to completely blow us away and those first half turnovers allowed them to build the big lead which we never completely overcame.
  • Trey Burton will piss me off for another three years because he's good and I don't know why.
  • At the game, Georgia's fan base was a little more enthused than Florida's (WAY more than last year) but overall both fan bases were more subdued than normal.
  • Many are complaining that we didn't throw the ball to A.J. enough...I never really thought about this as I was watching the game live and I really don't think it mattered because we put up 31 points anyway.
  • Still don't know why we can't defend the wheel route
  • No doubt in my mind that UF was going to make that last field goal.
  • REALLY wish UGA ticket holders would stop selling their tickets to Florida fans....very annoying.
  • I have noticed a difference in our physical play since we starting hitting on Tuesdays, and I think it shows up on TV as well.
  • Downtown Jacksonville is pretty crummy and it amazes me that they actually played a Super Bowl there a few years ago.
  • Jumping off the upper deck, standing in front of oncoming traffic, drinking myself to death, and renting a gun were all thoughts that ran through my head at the end of that game....luckily I refrained.
  • I was happy to see the basketball promos on the big screen (first exhibition game is this Thursday...)
In all the games I've attended, this one may have been the most painful....actually, while I'm thinking about it, here is my order of the top ten most painful UGA losses I've seen in person:
  1. 2010 Florida (probably an initial overreaction on my part but still...)
  2. 2004 Tennessee
  3. 2005 Florida
  4. 1997 Auburn
  5. 2008 Tech
  6. 2005 West Virginia (actually it was Jan. 1 2006 but you get the point)
  7. 2009 LSU
  8. 2005 Auburn (this one would have been higher but remember, we had already clinched the East because Florida lost to S. Carolina earlier that day...yes I actually remember that)
  9. 2007 South Carolina
  10. 2008 Alabama (strange mix of emotions for this game: blackout, ESPN College Gameday, ranked 3rd, night game, completely getting blown out 31-0 at halftime, sucked me back in by cutting the lead to 31-17, ended up getting beat anyway)
I could make a top ten most enjoyable wins but I'm still in a sulking mood...besides, the bad beats stick with you more than the good wins.


  1. Georgia fans aren't selling their tickets directly to Florida fans. They are going on Ebay, etc and selling them to the highest bidder. If they can't make the game or don't want to go to the game, it's their perogative to get what the market will bear for the tickets instead of selling them to Johnny Dawg from Hahira. Considering the state of the two programs, it's obvious who the highest bidder is going to be the majority of the time. UF fans revel in sitting in the middle of UGA sections because their team has owned our team for more than two decades now. Don't hate the fans who sell the tickets, hate the program that has allowed their biggest rival to beat them 18 of 21 times...that has a tendency to alienate a large portion of the fan base.

    And, yes, I graduated from UGA and was sitting in a UGA section surrounded by Florida fans on Saturday. Get used to it unless something changes on the field.

  2. I understand what you are saying about ebay, etc., but The "VERY annoying" comment in my post was talking more about the Florida fans, not the UGA people selling the tix...hopefully one day we'll have UGA people wanting to take over the UF side...

  3. The 2 Florida fans sitting behind me said they got the tickets from an aunt who works at UGA. I thought Jan Kemp died.