Monday, November 29, 2010

There's an Opening at the U

Oh yes, Randy Shannon has been officially ousted at Miami. What does this mean? Answer: massive debate on who the next coach should be. The list of candidates people are throwing out there are numerous and variable:
  1. Jon Gruden -- This would be an interesting fit but on the flip side, I wouldn't be able to hear him say "I LOVE this [player x]" on Monday Night Football.
  2. Mark Richt -- Oh yes, his name has been mentioned. But he has vehemently denied any interest in returning to his alma mater. And quite frankly I don't think he has had significant interaction with Miami since he graduated.
  3. Mike Leach -- WOW. Please let this happen. Possible selling points for Miami? A) It's on the coast of the most popular area for drug trafficking, which can only mean one thing -- PIRATES BABY! B) Also they could show him this Miami Vice intro which I would think is right up his alley:

  4. Chris Petersen -- I mean...I guess he'd be good. Probably doesn't have a lot of recruiting connections though and might not fancy the humid climate.
  5. Tommy Tuberville -- Not really sure if the U fits his personality.
  6. Gary Patterson -- Could be good...but would literally sweat his A$$ off down there.
These are just some of the bigger names. You also have Al Golden at Temple, Brady Hoke at San Diego State, and a slew of NFL assistants. Point is, Miami SHOULD be able to get a competent guy in there which would undoubtedly spell doom for the always brutal ACC Coastal division (yes, sarcasm intended there).


  1. I think Tubs is waiting for the shoe to drop in the SEC before he makes another move. However, Miami does have a knack for hiring their former defensive coordinators as head coaches.

  2. Remember, Leach hangs in Key West, just a few Margarita miles down US 1, where all the great pirates made a stopover. It's a naturnal.