Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sun Belt Conference: The Worst Conference in America

The Sun Belt Conference is atrocious, appalling, dreadful, abysmal- you name the "bad" adjective. It's so bad that this article could easily morph itself into a "Gary Barnett VIP Club" update and also relate to the potential SBC champions. The Mario Christobol-led Panthers of FIU only have to win one of their remaining two games to capture the SBC title and get the automatic berth to the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. Most likely they'll be playing either Southern Miss or Tulsa. Easily the most crappy bowl game of the year.

You know you're effed when your mascot is an endangered species. In the previous four seasons, the Golden Panthers have won 13 games. That's right, 13. I will concede that the Cristobolians had a brutal first four games of Rutgers, TAMU, Maryland, and Pitt- the latter three being on the road. It's somehwat understandable that they completely sucked in the first four games.

Hedges pick to win the Sun Belt conference, Middle Tennessee, has completely fallen apart after star-QB Dwight Dasher was suspended to start the season. They are 3-6 and just lost to North Texas, in what could have been called the "Most Disinteresting Game in the World". As good as Dasher was last season, this abortion of a season surprised me.

In order to further validate my point about the SBC's suckage, check the conference rankings over at The Sun Belt is right below the MAC and right above the 1-AA Big Sky. I will remind you that the Big Sky is headline by powerhouses Eastern Washington, Montana State, and Montana, while the MAC plays all of their games on Tuesday nights.

I really get tired of ESPN and corporate America rewarding mediocrity. There are far too many "Joke Bowls" now that serve no purpose other than making me angry because they suck me in. It's football and attracts my attention, yet it more closely resembles a midget fight. Like Lindsey Lohan, cocaine, and a nightclub, it's a trap I just can't avoid.

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