Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Similarities Between Richt and Meyer

In the midst of Georgia and Florida's disappointing seasons, I couldn't help but notice that the two coaches, Richt and Urban Meyer, have had similar tenures at their respective school. Actually, Meyer has had just a better (and at times perhaps a luckier) version of what Richt had during his first six years. Let's compare each coaches first six seasons for arguments' sake:

  1. YEAR ONE (2001) -- Finished 8-4.
  2. YEAR TWO (2002) -- Richt's best year, team finished 13-1.
  3. YEAR THREE (2003) -- Finished 11-3, lost to LSU in SECC game.
  4. YEAR FOUR (2004) -- Finished 10-2
  5. YEAR FIVE (2005) -- Finished 10-3, won the SECC game.
  6. YEAR SIX (2006) -- Finished 9-4 after and horrible stretch during the middle of the season. Crossroads year, worst season to date.
  1. YEAR ONE (2005) -- Finished 9-3
  2. YEAR TWO (2006) -- Finished 13-1, won NC.
  3. YEAR THREE (2007) -- Finished 9-4
  4. YEAR FOUR (2008) -- Finished 13-1, won NC
  5. YEAR FIVE (2009) -- Finished 13-1, lost SECC game.
  6. YEAR SIX (2010) -- Currently 5-3, will finish 11-3 if they win the rest of their games. (This would include beating the SEC West winner in the SECC and winning their bowl game...not likely but possible). Crossroads year, especially if you factor in the mysterious health concerns thing in the off-season.
Here are the coaches' overall records through their first six years respectively:

Richt: 61-17 (78.2 %) overall, 36-15 (70.6%) in SEC play (counting SECC games)
Meyer: 62-13 (82.6%) overall, 37-12 (75.5%) in SEC play (counting SECC games)

So yeah, Meyer has been better, but not by as much as you may have thought. The biggest difference in the two coaches is the two NCs for Meyer, but the real point I'm trying to make is that since Richt has gone mostly backwards after his first six years (the only real exception is '07), should we expect the same from Meyer? Will Richt -- the dean of SEC coaches -- rebound or suffer the same fate as Tuberville and Fulmer? Will Meyer rebound next year? I think so but I don't know.

I guess my final question is whether it's even a reasonable expectation for an SEC head coach to maintain his job for more than 10 years given the added pressures and complexities that the conference demands . Think back, how many recently replaced SEC coaches (last 10 years) have left on his own accord? Uh, Saban (NFL), Spurrier (NFL), and then Rich Brooks retired, Kiffin bolted, and Bobby Johnson resigned. Holtz sort of resigned but was kind of forced out because his players starting slamming their helmets gladiator style into Clemson players' faces.

My point is this: for SEC coaches -- unlike any other conference -- the bad losses hurt you WAY more than the good wins help you...and NO level of past or current success will guarantee you permanent employment in the future.

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  1. florida coach has been better im a georgia and we lose to florida ever year and cant win the big games and cant get to the NC game we get out coached on big games so do you really think georgia coaches are better i dont think so