Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paterno Plans to Returno Next Season

Paterno seen here signing the Mayflower Compact on November 11, 1620.
This also happens to be the first year he coached the Nittany Lions. 

It was announced today that JoePa will still be aimlessly wandering the sidelines of Beaver Stadium next year. I would say coaching from the sidelines, but I think we'd all be in agreement if I said he probably doesn't do much of that any more. I'm not big on figureheads and the all out war with Bobby Bowden is over. Penn State hasn't been a really good team in about 20 years, but because Paterno has won so many games he gets a pass. Those Pennsylvanians are certainly far more tolerant of mediocrity than I am. Yes, I know he's won 401 games, but PSU hasn't been relevant in the national picture for many, many years.

Paterno will go down as the winningest coach in NCAA football history when he decides to hang it up. After you've coached for 44 years that should be a realisitic possibility anywhere you are. I really like the guy, but you have to know your limits. I've heard the only reason that he's still "coaching" is because it consumes his life and he wouldn't know what to do otherwise. I can see where he's coming from.

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