Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Will Butch Davis Survive at UNC?

Simply put, the only way that Butch keeps his job after this mess is if UNC's AD, Dick Baddour, is more crooked than he is. ESPN's Heather Dinich reported today that North Carolina has deemed DE Michael McAdoo and fullback Devon Ramsay permanently ineligible. This means that not only are they not eligible at UNC, but also any other NCAA affiliated institution; they won't be playing on a football scholarship anywhere ever again.

These two are the seventh and eighth players that have been ruled ineligible by the NCAA this season. The investigation started with improper benefits and contact with agents but has ultimately expanded to encompass possible academic violations involving a tutor. The tutor, 2009 graduate Jennifer Wiley, has refused to cooperate (Associated Press) with NCAA investigators. Despite her refusal, there has been a tremendous amount of material uncovered through the improper benefit investigations.

As one would expect, Butch Davis has responded to all of the criticism with such eloquence in statements like, "Looking back at it, we'll do better from now on," and "We've done good things too," and "I had NO IDEA about this. Heck. Shoot-fire. Dadgummit." I don't beleive for a second that he wasn't aware of what was going on. He didn't know about an academic cheating scandal or that 1/5 of his team was receiving improper benefits and talking to agents? Nothing that is that pervasive goes unnoticed.

At present, it doesn't look like Davis is going to get canned like he should. It's funny to me that the two major coaches in Chapel Hill are polar opposites. I'm sure Davis and Roy Williams probably don't exchange Christmas cards. I give it at most 3 years before Butch leaves the Carolina football program in a mire of NCAA sanctions and general disarray. What's really funny about this is mine and Dawgola's conversation when we heard Davis had been hired.

It went something like this:

DT: "Hey Marty, you hear about Butch Davis gettin' hired at Carolina?"
MVD: "What, Spurrier quit already?"
DT: "North Carolina you clown."
MVD: "Yeah, I know."
DT: "No, you didn't."
MVD: "Ok. Anyway..."
DT: "Yeah, well anyway Butch got hired up there."
MVD: "That means they'll be on probation in 3 years."
DT: "Ehhh, won't take that long. He's probably already handing out cash."

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