Monday, November 8, 2010

Hoops Recruiting Update: November 8th

As I'm sure most of you are aware, Mark Fox has struck out on some pretty big opportunities of late. The Milton duo of Julian Royal, and Dai-Jon Parker, and South Atlanta power forward Nick Jacobs had the Dawgs in their final group only to choose other destinations. The Georgia basketball program has endured some big disappointments recently and I certainly wouldn't say that I wasn't just a little disappointed when these three chose other schools.

While it wasn't the outcome I was hoping for, the Hoops program as a whole looks to be on good footing of late and these three sure won't make or break what Mark Fox is trying to build in Athens (though they sure wouldn't have hurt). I do think that this will be an opportunity for Fox to have the ability to field a very strong 2012 class. If he doesn't there may be some cause for alarm, as the Georgia class of 2012 looks to be loaded with top-tier guys. While I think 2012 may be a make or break class for Fox, I'm not completely convinced that the signing class for 2011 has a bow on it.

Much to my surprise, Dan McDonald of has gone on record saying that he believes UGA is the leader for 2011 SG Devin Langford. We posted a little update about a month ago and it appears with the loss of Parker that the Dawgs have placed more emphasis on Langford's recruitment. As we said in the update, Langford is very long and has the potential to be a menacing threat on the outside. I've heard his skill set is very good, but he doesn't play with the "killer instinct" that he could.

I'd suspect that this may have something to do with being uninspired about playing against kids who don't match up well to him. Word is that UGA is competing hard with Illinois, but we would probably get his commitment if he decides to go ahead and sign in the early period. The early signing period runs from this Wednesday, November 10th, to next Wednesday, November 17th.

As far as 2012, here is an early list of Dawg targets and where they stand as of today:

Georgia looks to be in decent shape here. I think he's gone on record saying that the Dawgs are out in front.

Same as Jordan Adams. Maybe we can reel him in and get an edge with his SW DeKalb teammate below, Shaq Goodwin.

Have heard good things about the Dawgs here. He is a great kid who is underrated at this point. He'll end up with 4-star status before it's over. 

Nolte's brother is at UGA but he is a hot commodity. The Dawgs will contend, but I'm not greatly confident here. If he gets a Duke offer we're as good as done.

Jeremy Price's brother. I haven't heard a lot about Reid's recruitment, but I think the Dawgs are in a good position. Price likes Fox a lot more than the previous guy and I think that helps us a lot. 

Really don't know much about this guy, but I'd expect we probably won't see him in Athens. His name is Shaq and he has five stars, so you know Goodwin is quality. He's the type of player that we need to have a few great seasons to reel in.

Donte Williams is a former teammate. Would have helped out a ton if we had gotten commitments from Dai-Jon and Julian Royal, as they are all teammates on the Southern Kings. He has offers from all of the major basketball powerhouses, so this one is an up-hill battle. 

There are a few more prospects, but these guys are the ones I've heard most about. As you can see, there is A TON of elite talent the Dawgs are looking at in 2012. Hopefully we can land about half a dozen of them. 

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