Friday, November 19, 2010

Hate Week Starts Early (Vol. 1)

We're putting the off week to good use...more time to bash GT! Remember this play by Hines in the 1997 game?

Speaking of Hines Ward, I ran across THIS ARTICLE ***(Read below first)*** in the Sports Illustrated Vault. It was originally published in the October 13, 1997 edition of SI. Basically, it details the path he took to get to Georgia, the relationship he has/had with his mother, and quotes from other players from back then (Robert Edwards, etc.) is definitely worth a read.

***This is the actual magazine from 1997. There is a pretty good article in there about Kenny Lofton as well, but if you only care to read about Hines skip to page 112. Probably best to go all the way to the end and skip backward.***

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