Monday, November 15, 2010

Hair of the Dawg: Cheap Shot Edition

Without a doubt, this was the most frustrated I've been after a Georgia football game in a while. Usually it's disappointment, frustration, and "The Blame Game", but yesterday was a little different. It was different because I knew, because of the obvious mis-match of Cam Newton vs. our secondary, that this was easily the most likely loss of the season. I pointed to this game at the beginning of the season as one that didn't look like a win and well, I don't have to rehash that.

I can't tell you how many things annoyed me about this game. I'd list them all but you know what we're talking about. Wait... in an order to quell my unquenchable distaste for all things Auburn right now let's air them out.

  1. Auburn pretty much just thumbed their nose at the NCAA this week. Actually, I guess they've done it all year, but it most concerned me this week. The whole situation is an interesting study on society in general. In so many instances now people have a "win at all costs" mindset and that's certainly what's occurring here. It's hard to blame them at this point. Obviously they've seen "The Gambler" enough to know they gotta hold em' at this point. 
  2. I heard "feel good story" about 63 times in reference to Cam Newton. I'm sorry, but basically auctioning your son off to the highest bidder doesn't "feel good" to me. It "feels" like Auburn is cheating and getting away with it right now. I wish them all the WORST of luck in reference to this situation. 
  3. I said that I maybe "felt sorry" for Cam Newton Friday. After seeing those pearly whites for the entire second half of the game, I kind of wanted Richt to send a goon in after him. If Mudcat was still on the bench, he'd be the prime candidate. 
  4. Nick Fairley played the most dirty game I have ever seen. This was far worse than the eye-gouging incident with Brandon Spikes last year. I counted at least five cheap shots on Murray in the game, and this been an NFL game, he would have been ejected after the second time he made like Bill Goldberg and drove Aaron Murray into the ground. The spearing Murray with his helmet and going for his knees were, after that, moot points. The part of this that most infuriated me was that Danielson basically gave him a free pass on it. I was irate.
  5. Classless Auburn fans. Really? Booing a guy who got hurt because the tackle chopped his knees out from under him? Apparently Auburn has a masters degree from the "Rick Trickett School of How to Blow Out Knees". I shouldn't be surprised though, they do this every year. 
  6. I'm really, really tired of Gene Chizik. He has to be right up on my list with Urban and Spurrier. If you don't think he's as dirty as they come, I've got a puffy white beard, a fluffy red suit, and a slew of elven creatures in my basement working overtime. 
I will say that Richt gained major points with me after he directed our o-line to go after Fairley right after his 5th cheap shot on Murray. I might also point out that the game had already been decided when this occurred. When a coach has to tell his players to take care of something because the officials aren't, you know that there's a problem. After the play I could read Richt's lips to the officials, "That's what you get. Get him off our quarterback."

I will officially be rooting for Nick Saban's team come the Iron Bowl. There's a first time for everything.

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  1. Will our coaches take the video tape to the SEC office and make the case 90 should be suspended for at least one game.