Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Game Recap: Colorado vs. Georgia

This was a really good win for the Dawgs. We survived a huge mismatch at the guard positions against what may or may not be a good Colorado team. All without our best player. I say this may or may not be a good Colorado team because if #10 Alec Burks has an off game or misses time with an injury, they're probably not going to win the game. He creates virtually every point for the Buffs.

Dawgola so intelligently pointed out to me that Tad Boyle's offense consists of two plays- fast break, Burks drive down the middle and fast break, Burks drive down the right side. It was pretty much a Lebron-type game for the Buffs. Give it to #10, he drives, and miraculously gets a foul call EVERY TIME, even if he is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL.

Speaking of fouls, I have NEVER seen such a poorly officiated game in that category. If you don't believe me, check the box scores below. The Dawgs shot 43 free throws and the Buffs shot 36. That means that there were at least 52 fouls called- 79 attempts divided by 2, plus the six for the two teams before the bonus. If I've ever been irate at a set of officials it was in this game.**** They made it a point to call every single touch and quite a few times completely whiffed. I will say it was pretty even bad both ways.

Not only were they calling everything in sight, they made sure and put on their best Frank Drebin when they did.***

I can honestly say I've never seen any official make such a production of a charge in my life. One referee was standing under the basket on the side of the Colorado bench whistled, rolled from under the basket along the baseline, went all the way up the sideline and made the call directly in front of Colorado's assistant coach. He ran at least 60 feet while doing it. I guess that's a bit of a personal gripe, but it was getting to the point of being ridiculous.

At any rate, we looked much better tonight than we did Friday. Had our starters not been in foul trouble the entire game, it probably wouldn't have been as close as it ended up. I thought this game would be really tough to win without Trey, but it was pretty obvious to me that the Dawgs have the better coach. Fox had them ready, though there were some very obvious defensive gaffes when CMF almost blew his lid. 

After two games, here are my initial impressions:

Ware: Always going to be a pass first PG, but is still making rookie mistakes that lead to turnovers. Literally, a 12 year old kid behind me said, "Hey Ware, what about a bounce pass?" after Corey Higgins picked off one of his passes and took it back for a dunk.

Robinson: Very, very good. I can't say enough about this guy. We have desperately needed someone that is fearless with the basketball the past few years and Gerald fits the bill. His speed and handles give him the ability to take it to the rack at any time, which scores MAJOR points with me. Finally, we have someone that will attack the basket and can fill it u from outside. 

Leslie: You know what I'm gonna say. Has to develop his mid-range game and ball handling. Does look much more adept defensively. He had an extremely quiet 19 points. 

Price: What an improvement. I always thought Jeremy had a lot of potential but his attitude just wasn't there. He is a great example of how far the Dawgs have come in the last year. He looks far more athletic, confident, and poised. He has to be the guy to pick up the slack while Trey is out and thus far, he has more than met his duty. Tickled pink here.

Nolte: I think people are still a little puzzled at why Nolte starts over Barnes, but it's pretty apparent to me that he's in because he's a far better passer in the two-man game at the top of the key. I've seen quite a few very good passes from him in the early going and he is a capable scorer. Another early surprise this season.

Barnes: Still is hurting in the free-throw department. It seems like his stroke has gotten better, but they just aren't falling. His offensive game has very marginally improved, although he still can't drop the hammer on about 60% of the easy dunks or lay-ins. He is very aggressive but gets way too "happy" with the ball in his hands.

Donte Williams: I think he's gonna be great. He got his pocket picked a few times tonight, but he looks much further along than Price or Barnes was at this stage. I'll give them a pass though, as Dennis Felton was coaching at that time.

Vince Williams: Just hasn't turned it on yet. At this point, he's being substituted for defense. His offensive game is way off, but from what I've heard, Fox really likes what he's doing on defense. Too bad that doesn't put points on the board. 

Thornton: Gaining confidence. He had a nice dribble-drive but got called for a very boderline charge, way after the bucket, might I add. Also had a very nice rejection of Corey Higgins. Isn't getting a ton of PT I'm optimistic about his future in Athens.

Brantley: By the amount of PT that he received, I have to think there was a reason he didn't play Friday. Very quick trigger from outside and looks like he'll be a legitimate deep threat before it's over. He's also pretty big and plays solid defense.  

Overall, I was impressed that the Dawgs pulled this one out with the foul trouble. When Trey gets back, we'll have a scoring threat at every position, save PG. We'll be a pretty darn good team and one I'm sure people won't want to play come March. 

Box Score: Click to Enlarge (courtesy ESPN)

*** Kudos to my homie ARC for noting this most awesome comparison. 
****After doing some investigation this morning, there were actually 56 fouls called in the game. The NCAA average is somewhere around 35 per game. You do the math.

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