Monday, November 1, 2010

Florida Safety Dowling Kicked Off Team

UF freshman Jonathan Dowling was booted off the team by Urban Meyer this morning. I can't speculate on why, as Urban refused to comment about it. It was probably something a little more serious than felony weapons or stalking charges. Those who commit that kind of crime somehow find themselves still on the team come Georgia game. He was rated as a four-star commit by Rivals last year.

As far as my initial thoughts, who knows what the guy did. I'm sure we probably won't ever know. The Gators seem to get a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" every time on this stuff.


  1. Has anyone ever asked Urban in a press conference, "Hey corch, would you allow your 19 year old daughter to date Chris Rainey?" Assuming he would answer with the bald faced lie of "Sure", the follow up would be..."If he had sent that message to your daughter...would he have still been on the team?"

  2. Good point and apparently not. I can't tell you how much I despise this guy. I still wouldn't like him if we beat UF like a rented mule every year. He's just not a GOOD guy. He really showed his colors this weekend with Rainey.

    It's win at all costs down there. It's going to catch up with him eventually.

  3. FU alumni aren't too proud of Meyer representing their U. Many of them that I know aren't so crazy about a win that they are willing to let him stand as a symbol of that institution. Some are outright angry and are asking questions of how he can have free reign to embarass them while he seems to have no boss. They are beginning to put the AD and Pres in the same boat with him and believe that those three are cow-towing to a redneck audience that has never set foot in a U.