Thursday, November 18, 2010

Early SEC Hoops Thoughts

Although not many games have been played thus far, here are some early thoughts on the other SEC teams:

Kentucky -- Okay, I haven't seen them play yet but they are playing in the Maui Invitational next week and are also playing at Portland tomorrow on their way out to Hawaii. Portland was a 21 win team last year and as usual the Maui tournament is we'll know more about how this young team compares to last year's after next week.

Florida -- I'm not an expert, and I know Ohio State is very good,'s not a good sign when you get blown out by 18 on your home court against ANYONE. But let's face it, they return basically their entire team so at worst they will be equal to last year.

Tennessee -- Got to see them play the second half against Belmont Tuesday...when they almost lost. They also won a close game last night against a pesky Missouri State team. I'm still unsure what to think of this team, but I'm interested to see how they play away from home. Early indications are they will be slightly down this year.

South Carolina
-- Only lost at Michigan State by 9 points...but they trailed by 17 at halftime. Looks like they could be better than I thought but I can't believe they'll be better than last year given their personnel losses...not that they were any good last year.

-- Still unsure on this team. I think they could be just as good as last year because I think the loss of A.J. Ogilvy could be a good thing. They whooped up on Presbyterian in their first game so they haven't really been tested yet.

Mississippi State -- Beat Tennessee State by 10 but are still waiting on two players to come off suspensions. F Renardo Sidney received extra benefits and is suspended until December 18. Guard Dee Bost is suspended the entire Fall Semester for two reasons: He's academically ineligible and waited too long to take his name out of the NBA Draft...sounds like a sharp guy. Anyway, expect MSU to improve when conference play starts.

Ole Miss -- Had an impressive 16 point victory over Murray State last night (the team that beat Vandy in the NCAA tourney) last year. But ultimately, I can't see them being significantly better or worse than they were last year.

Alabama -- Two easy victories over FAMU and Troy. Could be a good pick to win the SEC West this year. It's Grant's second year and the West looks like the weaker division this season.

Auburn -- Gonna be awful again this year. Already lost to UNC-Ashville.

LSU -- Also gonna be awful again this year. Already lost to Nicholls State.

Arkansas -- They lost a lot of scoring off last year's team but haven't played a game yet so I don't know. A couple of early season losses could have John Pelphrey squarely on the hot seat though.

Look, the Colorado game made me feel A LOT better about our team. And when Trey comes back, I think we will be favored in every home game this season...gotta figure out how to win on the road though. Winning the East is not outside the realm of possibility, and the Old Spice Classic next week will tell us a lot more about this team.

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  1. Yeah, that win against Colorado was a boost not only to the team but to the fans as well. It's not hard to imagine that we would have lost this game last year. But, as you say, the road will be the true test. Man, I can't wait to get Trey back.