Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dawgs NCAA Road Looks a Little Easier

I don't know how Dawgola and I missed this, but the game in Saint Louis is now looking a lot less daunting. On Saturday, May 1st of this year a sexual assault was reported on the SLU campus involving two basketball players who went unnamed at that point. The following Tuesday it was reported that potential first-round draftee Willie Reed Jr. and star PG Kwamain Mitchell were the two that were accused of the assault.

There was not enough evidence to bring charges on Reed and Mitchell, but Saint Louis felt the evidence compelling enough to expel them from school. Reed was subsequently charged with harassment and improper conduct, both of which he has sternly denied. There is a mandatory semester expulsion with the charges that both face and it appears that Mitchell will try to re-enroll in January, while Reed will not return.

With the expulsion of these guys earlier in October, the Dawgs stand a much better chance of winning this game. There is a caveat to this however, as we could have had a much better quality win were we to get one with Mitchell and Reed still on the team. I think it will still be a tall task, especially if Trey is still on the bench. It's always tough to win on the road in college basketball and that's a pretty good trip.

While I was looking around for info about this situation I found out some pretty sketchy stuff on Willie Reed. In 2007, Reed attended Milestone Christian Academy, a non-accredited high school in Kansas City, which acquired no less than 10 players from Kansas City and St. Louis area schools prior to the 2007 basketball season. Reed was part of that year's "recruiting class".

Despite the fact that Christian schools are not accredited by state and federal governments, Reed and the others signed on even though academic concerns were present. What was most interesting was that this school was also not accredited by any Christian organization. Kinda funny, huh? After the 2007-2008 high school season, the bench emptied at the school.

The school consists of nothing but a building that is attached to coach/principal/pastor Peter Flournoy's church and has no organized sports, with the exception of basketball. MCA's 50-60 students take four to five classes from Monday through Thursday. Flournoy moved to Kansas City in 2005 and started the school after fleeing from Alabama because of at least 15 misdemeanor counts of hanging paper. Needless to say, most of these kids who transferred in lost eligibility because of high school credit issues.

This Flournoy character sounds like an absolutely gem of a guy. Just in case you weren't convinced that he is a complete slimeball, the video below shows three Milestone players promoting the school in a canned commercial. The kid all the way to the left is Cortez Barrett who, after transferring from the school, was ruled academically ineligible by the Kansas City public school Center Senior High. For you lawyering types reading this, isn't there some way to prosecute scum like this?

While I'm on my soapbox, why a parent would send their kid to a place like this is beyond me. I'm not insinuating that Reed did commit a crime, as he denies it, but I can see where his judgement might be a little skewed. This is just a tip of the iceberg regarding what goes on with amateur basketball in this country. There really needs to be some more oversight in order to prevent abuse like this.


  1. "While I'm on my soapbox, why a parent would send their kid to a place like this is beyond me."

    Because that kid is the ticket out. I think we see that playing out much closer to home now.

  2. B.I.E.,

    Unfortunately, you're right. It's a shame that it's the truth. Poor kids.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Hey I think this guy is in my city now...can you tell me how to find out why he left Kansas City?

  4. Peter Flournoy is alive and well operating a website called
    He is out of Tennessee and his site is about all things SEC related
    It also appears that he may be back "pastoring" in Dover , TN at Life Change Community Church. He was booted out of his affiliation with the PCG in Kansas City for mishandling funds and for outstanding warrants he had in Texas and Alabama.....heads up out there in Rocky Top country.....this guy is slick