Monday, November 29, 2010

Dawg's Bowl Outlook

As it stands now, it looks like the Dawgs will be playing at 3:30 on December 31st in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl. The Liberty Bowl is now tied in with Conference USA, which means that the Dawgs will be taking on the winner of Saturday's matchup between SMU and UCF. The Golden Knights are ranked 25th in the country and are currently a 9.5 point favorite in this matchup in Orlando. As it stands, it looks like the Fightin' George O'Leary's are gonna be playing the Dawgs. It would make a very pleasant end to this season if we beat up on this former lying and cheating Nerd-boss another time.

This is the document that O'Leary blatantly lied to Notre Dame on.
Claimed to have a master's degree from NYU and 3 varsity
letters from The University of New Hampshire. Lest we forget,
he played with ineligible players at Tech as well.

I personally would like to go to the Music City Bowl, but that looks to be Tennessee's bid to lose as it's in the "Music City". While I think we're a better team than UTk, at this point beggars can't be choosers. We're desperately going to need the bowl practice for next year and if UCF wins Saturday, we'll get the chance to beat our first ranked team of the year. I know... it's sad.

An interesting possibility in the bowl season will be the San Francisco-located Kraft Foods Fight Hunger Bowl (Quite possibly the stupidest bowl name I've ever heard). There are three potential ACC teams that would get the nod here because of the Pac-10 getting two teams in the BCS. Boise will be playing either Miami, Boston College, or Georgia Tech. I would love nothing more than to see the Broncos put a hurting on the Warcrafters from North Avenue. Please bowl gods, put Tech in San Fran.


  1. or Shreveport......

  2. Based on the teams we beat this year, why would we think this 6 and 6 Ga team could beat anyone in the top 40? Go dawgs but this team is not very good and likely to be really out coached when the other team has 4 weeks to prepare?

  3. I still think a trip to Nashville to play Clumpson would be a good match-up for all parties involved.