Monday, November 1, 2010

Dai-Jon Parker Update

For you who didn't know, four-star shooting guard Dai-Jon Parker of Milton High School will be announcing his college choice this Friday. We'll be covering his choice with a liveblog for his commitment ceremony. Hopefully, there will be better news than when we did the same for Nick Jacobs.

Per Dan McDonald of UGASports, Parker has narrowed his choices to Vanderbilt and Georgia, but Rhode Island has made a strong push lately. As far as URI, would I rather spend four years in Athens or Nashville, or Kingston, Rhode Island? Pretty easy choice there. One thing that is concerning is Parker's past desire to go out of state. He virtually eliminated Georgia at one point because of this, only to name them a front-runner a few months later.

From what I've heard, I feel we have at least a 50/50 shot at Parker. I hate to say Fox will get a commitment from him Friday, but I think the chances are very, very good. He has stated his desire to play point guard recently and the depth chart in Athens looks good for him to make that move possible. Vandy also has a top-75 player nationally committed in Kedren Johnson, who is big (6'4) and is a more natural point guard. If he really wanted an opportunity to play the point, Georgia would certainly be a better fit for him.

If we could get a commitment from Parker, this class would be almost perfect. We didn't get the really high profile low-post guy (Royal) but we pulled in two quality big men who have athleticism and great potential. Kentavious will be a big contributor from day one and a commitment from Parker would give us a some length at the PG position (if he goes there), which is something the Dawgs haven't had in a long time. He also has the ability to create his own shot, another piece that has been missing at PG since Yata (no offense  Dustin, but driving into the lane isn't your forte').

I hope Fox gets some good news on Friday.

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