Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coaching Carousel Looming in Offseason

The hot topic around this offseason is once again going to be centered around coaching changes, or so it seems. I would say it could be whether or not Houston and Green forgo their senior year, but we all know what the outcome is going to be there.

For what seems like 10 years, there has been talk that our strength and conditioning has been very far behind the times. I tend to agree. If I'm not mistaken, we did not have a nutritionist on staff until last year which boggles my mind. I think it's pretty easy to see that our players aren't physically made up like... say... the LSU's, USC's, or Bama's of the world. Just see for yourself.

Richardson vs. Ealey

Maze vs. King
Just FYI Maze has put on almost 30lbs. of muscle in college.
Compare that to TK's 15. See what I mean.
Not only are we physically smaller than other teams, we get pushed around at the line of scrimmage. Our offensive line showed no push whatsoever against a bunch of two and three star Nerds on Saturday night. If you also noticed, our d-line has yet to create a consistent pass rush all season from the inside. It's been this way for quite some time now.

Add to all of this Dave Van Halanger's health being a concern of late (reportedly multiple heart attacks) and I think we have a recipe for some sort of change. I wasn't really buying all of these concerns early, as people just want blood, but I'm starting to feel like these concerns are warranted with our obvious decline in this area. The one concern I do have is that Richt and Van are VERY close friends. This is second on my list of wanted changes, however.

I think the first one may surprise some people. No, it isn't Mike Bobo. In fact, I'm not going to address him in this little piece. In a season that offensive prowess in the rushing department has been terrible, I think he's been somewhat handcuffed. You think if we had a good tailback and an offensive line that could block, our offense wouldn't look different? I think it would, so he's going to get a pass for this season. Next year could be the one that he's the focus of something like this.

I can't say that I've ever been greatly impressed with Rodney Garner. It appears that if he was considered a good coach in the coaching community, he would have already gotten a head man job- and don't come with that Auburn job rumor mumbo-jumbo. That was never happening. 

UGA has a penchant for getting great players on the d-line, only to have them fail to pan out. I don't throw players under the bus, but I feel like they reach their ceiling in high school and never get any better after coming to Georgia. Let's be honest, Geno had an underwhelming season last year when compared with expectations. Now he's getting quite a lot of playing time at the nose in Cincinnati as a rookie and he was an absolute terror during the preseason. 

Another disappointment in Garner's favor goes with his job as recruiting coordinator. The bottom line is that we have notably dropped off in this category since 2005. Evaluation has been suspect and so has utilization. I honestly feel like Garner is the most overrated coach on this staff. He gets so many points for his recruiting chops, yet the recruiting has been disappointing and his efforts on the field have been lackluster. 

Also, please switch Ball and McClendon, or do whatever it takes to keep our tailbacks from fumbling at big moments and keep our receivers on their feet after a catch. I swear there's some sort of sniper with darts that temporarily paralyze UGA receivers after they catch the ball. We have to have the worst YAC totals of any team in the country. 

Am I totally crazy or does any of this drivel sound accurate?         


  1. The staff that Richt has now doesn't hold a candle to the one he put together initially. He hired two ex-player's in McLendon and Bobo instead of hiring the most qualified guys available. Say what you want about the O scoring 30+ in 7 straight games, but Bobo still freezes up in big moments. We beat 5 crappy teams during that stretch and, in the losses to UF and AU, our O scored 10 points in the first 3 quarters vs UF and 10 points in the last 3 quarters vs AU. Got to play more than one quarter to beat teams like that. Lilly and Martinez are "old friend's" of Richt's. Still not sure about Grantham, Lakatos and Belin, but at least we went through the appropriate process to find those guys.

    As for Garner, don't kid yourself, we need him more now than ever. His job got harder when Meyer arrived at UF and Saban at Bama. Now, Spurrier has broken through at SC and Chizik at Auburn. Petrino is taking Arkansas to a BCS bowl. Are we going to do better without Garner in terms of recruiting? Sure we've whiffed on some guys, but who would we bring in that could possibly fill his shoes?

    As for the DL, we should have developed some younger players sooner, but you knew that was going to be a problem this year with a new D and the fact that Owens, Weston and Atkins played the majority of snaps and all got drafted in the NFL. For next season, it's already easy to see that our wide receivers are the problem area without Durham and Green. The secondary is right there too, especially if Boykin decides he wants to go.

    The only good news for next year is the schedule. Boise State is a virtual home game. We get South Carolina, Miss State and Auburn at home. Ole Miss replaces Arkansas. The non-conference schedule is manageable - all home games except for GT.The only road game outside the states of GA and TN is at Ole Miss...and they might have a new coach.

    All depends on the development of the D. When Van Gorder was in Athens, we almost always won when we scored 20 points. Now, we know we have to score 30+ to even have a chance against most quality opponents.