Monday, November 29, 2010

Coach Richt, I Have Some Concerns

I was very proud of Mark Richt and Mike Bobo Saturday night... for about two minutes. I couldn't have been more elated to see the offense trot back on the field as we were 4th and 1 with about five minutes to go. We couldn't stop the Nerds from North Avenue for love, money, or re-runs of Star Trek. I had just said to a buddy, "There's no way that a field goal is going to win this game. We can't kick a field goal. This is where we miss it and Tech drives down the field and scores with :18 to go and I have to punch a Techie as I walk out of the stadium. My heart will explode. Damn it."

Instead, Richt and Bobo decided that my idea wasn't so darn bad and that a field goal would only mean a loss. It was like the staff was saying, "To hell with Tech and three points. We're gonna get seven." I dug it. Because Georgia doesn't do anything that's easy, Aaron fumbled the snap and the offense wet the bed. No points... at all. All I could think was, "OrcMan_69 beside me is going to start running his mouth again and I can't take it." Luckily, the hand-wringing was all for naught.

If you've been following the blog for any length of time, you know that I'm neither in the "Fire...." crowd nor am I a Richt apologist, or "Disney Dawg" as they're commonly called. Being completely objective is pretty much impossible, but I give it my best shot. With that said, I won't shy away from the fact that I have become somewhat bearish on Mark Richt's potential in Athens lately. If he wants to be around in 2012, he needs to put a big circle around 10/29/2011 and 11/26/2011 because those games will determine his fate. Another appalling offseason of off-the-field issues may also contribute to his future with the Bulldogs.

While I was extremely happy to see our offense on this particular fourth down attempt, there were some unforgivably bad gaffes by the coaching staff. Hair was pulled out many, many times throughout the course of the game.

  • Why does the clock management not improve? I really have a major problem with this. In a close game, once again we had a big zero under the "Timeout" section of the scoreboard. This is at least the fourth game this season that clock mismanagement was or could've been central to a win or loss. 
  • Washaun Ealey had NO IDEA that Paul Johnson was allowing him to score. This is squarely on the coaches. During the timeout, not one single coach told Washaun that Johnson might let him score and that he should go down if this occurred. At the moment Ealey crossed the goal line there was instant celebration by all around me. A retiree in front of me pointed at the Nerds next to me and said, "Take that Techie!" I was fuming both because our fans and also our coaching staff's obvious omission of any warning of this. Scott Howard had no idea that this was happening either, as he said the Tech defense "fell asleep" allowing Ealey to score. H-e-l-l-o!?#!

For the life of me, I can't understand why these things keep on happening. I really like the person of Richt. He gave Quinton Banks the opportunity to address the team after the third quarter, which was a great example of what a good role model he is for these guys. Things like this though are starting to become the norm. At first you scratch your head and assume the best, but after a while you've got to assume that there's a pattern developing. The pattern isn't good.

I hope this season is the one that's needed to right the ship. I thought it might be last year, but I guess I'll have to wait another 10 months.


  1. Great post but I have one counter to your article. The two dates most pressing on the 2011 season will be hosting the Cocks of Columbia and the Cocktail Party. If he drops either contest, it'll begin to feel like the 1995 season all over again. Oh and we'd better come up with a way to get a win in Knoxville, because given the development of their QB Tyler Bray, that won't be a gimme next year.

  2. Scott Howard has to go. He is clueless about football. He should have not been Munson's replacement. Hopefully the Dawgs will get a new play by play announcer.
    But that play typifies the coaching of Bobo and the offensive staff. They have no playing field presence or prescience. Thus, the players play like they do sometimes. I thought Ealey would stop at the 10 and take a knee. We had the lead, the clock, and the downs. A new set of downs has never registered with Bobo.

  3. They should get Chuck Dowdle in the booth.