Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cam Newton Situation is About to Go Nuclear

The sky is getting darker and the trees are starting to sway down in Barnerville. I'd imagine a lot of them can hear what every yahoo on TV claims sounds "like a freight train". If reports are true, that freight train is packed to the gills with current FBI agents and former FBI agents wearing NCAA polos. They aren't chanting "WAR EAGLE!!!" either.

It is now being reported by ESPN that Bill Bell, a Mississippi State booster and former player, received text messages that a payment plan had been arranged that would bring Cam to Starkville. Bell played football with Kenny Rogers, and John Bond, the other two that indicated that they have knowledge of a pay-for-play scheme. Rogers stated in the article (of Cecil Newton), "He said it was going to take more than just a relationship with Dan Mullen and that Cam's relationship with Mullen wasn't what Mullen thought it was. That's when he said, 'Dan Mullen is going to have to put a smile on my face if he thinks he's going to get my son.'"

My initial reaction to this whole story was pretty strong, but I thought it best to withhold comment until further details came to light. Coupled with the fact that the FBI is getting involved in the investigation and three people have now corroborated the story, their is certainly more than smoke to this. There are three major reasons why the FBI becomes involved in a case: drugs, money laundering, or wire fraud. I'd say soliciting money in a conference call and then running said cash conveniently through your church would qualify for two of the big three, and I'm not talking about Lebron, Bosh, and D-Wade.

The bottom line is, this doesn't look like it's going to have a good ending for Auburn and the Newton family. Would plain rumor, innuendo, and hearsay induce the Feds to get involoved? Unfortunately for Auburn, they don't waste their resources on "potential crimes".

The media has ignored Auburn in this whole debacle, with the exception of giving them some scruff for playing him when he may be ineligible. No one has implicated them in a crime, so they didn't do anything wrong? Auburn won Newton away from a $180,000 bid at Mississippi State; did they get him for zero? Let's use some common sense here- it's called the highest bidder.

When some of this becomes concrete, Cam Newton is going to be ineligible. The NCAA has to set some precedent in this case, otherwise mamas and daddies everywhere are going to try and see who'll line their pockets the most. It's hard to see how Auburn didn't do anything wrong or had no knowledge of these arrangements. If I were an Auburn fan right now, I'd be scared to death.

USC lost 30 scholarships and has a two year bowl ban. I'd say the same things could be materializing for AU, should this story keep gaining momentum. If hard evidence turns up, a penalty like that would kill them. They would be non-competitive for at least 4 years and would probably lose their entire coaching staff. A year ago Barners would have been happy for that to happen, but I think they've warmed up to the Chiz'.

Let's face it, Auburn doesn't have the best track record for winning on the up and up. Oops! They did it again.


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