Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bruce Pearl And No. 23 Vols Violated Voraciously Via Vehement Vainglory


I have come to revel in every Tennessee loss lately. Their program is a wash with dirty deeds (probably done dirty cheap), back room deals, and what I like to call "Cash for Clusters (of Five Star Recruits)". Mike Hamilton and Bruce Pearl are at the center of this and Derek Dooley is quickly making his way onto my radar, with his non-discipline of players and general lack of decorum. Simply put, nothing sucks (and cheats) like a big orange.

If you happened to notice last night, Pearl's troops were beaten by Division-2 Indianapolis University last night. Not only was Tennessee beaten, they were throttled by 15 points using their own medicine of full-court pressure. Add in that UIndy is coached by one of Pearl's former players at Southern Illinois, Stan Gouard, who calls Pearl a "mentor" and likened the win to "beating (his) dad." I guess this guy thoroughly enjoys cheating as well.

I'm fully aware of what goes on in recruiting circles. AAU basketball is one of the most shady organizations on the planet. Money rolls in from everywhere and I can ony imagine that these agent-types hang out at AAU tournaments like Tyrannosaurs hang around Jeff Goldblum. Tennessee has made it a priority to win at all costs (i.e. Lane Kiffin and Pearl), and I can only imagine what things they haven't been caught for. It's starts with their AD and funnels all the way down to the athletes, which is a shame for that program.

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