Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Gator Currently "Not With Team"

True freshman defensive tackle Dominique Easley is currently sunbathing in Maui, or maybe some random suburb of Gainesville. I wonder if this means that he is also "Not With Class"? I wouldn't be surprised.

If you don't know much about Easley, he was one of the three top-10 nationally ranked defensive lineman that committed to Florida last year. Mr. Easley had to say this about the trio:

“Ronald Powell is Chris Bosh, Sharrif (Floyd) is Dwyane Wade and I’m LeBron (James)." (ht- Alligator)

I'd have to say there may be some big heads down there in Gator Land. Apparently the duo of Floyd and Easley threatened to transfer after a coach got after them in a preseason practice. Urban had to say this of them:

“You have 25 young players -- or whatever it is -- that think they’re going to dominate the way they did in high school, and they have no idea what’s about to hit them." (ht- Alligator)

I personally wouldn't accept this type of crap, and I think Urban has had a belly full of it as well. Despite my disdain for him, he does have the foresight to rid the team of cancers. I'd guess that at least one of these two won't make it through their four years in Gainesville. Southwest Mississippi Community College, get ready. 

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