Tuesday, October 26, 2010

View From Vegas

Given the fact that the Dawgs have already lost four games, you won't be seeing them anytime soon in any of the common polls (AP, Coaches, or BCS). I did discover that the new Las Vegas based Sports Consultant company, MVP Elite, makes weekly NCAA and NFL power polls. Basically, this company assists casinos in making the lines for all the games in college and pro football (and other sports such as MLB, Hockey, basketball, etc.). Here are their updated rankings for this week (October 26) in college football:


I'm not exactly sure how the "rating" is calculated but notice that Georgia (#23) is ranked exactly one spot ahead of the gators. I also thought is was interesting that TCU is their number one team over Boise, and Auburn is only ranked 6th. Remember, this poll is more of a "how good are you" not "how many games have you lost". That is why Alabama and Ohio State are both still in the top five (And UGA is 23rd). But hey, at least our recent performances are getting noticed by someone right?

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