Saturday, October 30, 2010

Too Many Turnovers, But Darn Sure Enough Heart

Something funny happened to me in the 4th quarter of today's game. For the first time in a couple years I actually felt like no matter what happened, the Dawgs were going to win the game. If Florida scored, the Dawgs would match it. We could get a stop on defense when it mattered most. Aaron and company would be able to lead us down the field if need be. The Dawgs looked like they had confidence in themselves, and I had confidence in them too. That's something new. Something that has been missing until today. 

Unfortunately, confidence wasn't enough.

I really feel bad for the guys in the Red and Black today. The left their hearts on the field today. I haven't seen a Georgia team play with that much emotion in long time (which is unfotunate, but we'll save that for another day). They looked inspired and I genuinely felt like they expected to win the game. They wanted it and knew that they could win even looking up to the Gators. They BELIEVED IN THEMSELVES, and for those of you still taking shots at the coaching staff, they've done a HELL of job keeping this team's head up.

We lost today because you can't turn the ball over 4 times against Florida, gain 1 turnover, and win. Come Monday we'll have a lot of cleanly shaved faces because of those stats. We certainly had plenty of opportunities, but just as usual, the ball doesn't roll our way down there. The Trey Burton fumble, the punt that hits Janoris Jenkins, or the tipped-ball interceptions, we just couldn't get out of our own way in the first half. Credit the guys for not folding up the tent and heading back to Athens. That half-time speech must have been one of the better ones of all time because they sure as hell stepped it up in the second half. 

Before I forget, I want to make a point. For those of you bandwagoners who are still blaming stuff on our coaches and demanding blood, GIVE IT A REST. Maybe our head man isn't the right guy for the job and maybe our offensive coordinator shouldn't be holding a clipboard on the sidelines at a Marist game, BUT WHO CARES? 

If you'll remember, we lost to Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi State, AND Colorado. Someone in that locker room convinced those guys with the red helmets they could win in the absence of anything good happening in the first half. You all gave up on the season after those losses and they still haven't. I have a lot of respect for who ever managed to do that. Enough to keep them around for at least a little while longer anyway. Playcalling didn't get the Dawgs a loss today.

The Dawgs didn't have enough points on the board to win today, but they had enough heart. The heart that we haven't seen in a while. This one hurt, but it didn't hurt any of us near as much as it did those guys on the field. That's something new. 

Just think about that.

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  1. Both the blond dawgette and the old man think this is a great poignant and inspirational post. Not a time to reflecton on past underachievement, "where do we go from here", etc. Just appropriate to recognize real heart and effort, epitomized by the young qb who did not focus on the final mistake but immediately started running like a scalded dawg, lowering his head, taking on a blocker and trying to stop that pick return. He may be a leader like we've never seen before. Hope he gets the chance to be all he can be. Great work. Best ever.