Tuesday, October 19, 2010

^4 sec east disappointment
Which SEC East team is having a more disappointing year, Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee? If you wanna talk about "topical terror" just discuss the records of the aforementioned former national powers. Combined, these teams have a sparkling 9-11 record thus far this season. When thinking about the level of utter disappointment, you have to consider a few things:

  • Total number of fan bases that are pleased with his or her team's progress- zero. 
  • Total number of coordinators/coaches on the hot seat- six. 
  • Longest streak of games lost- four. 
So, as you can see, these teams have REALLY underachieved this year based on their expectations. But just who has out-stunk the others? Let's take a deeper look to find out.

The Vols are REALLY bad this year. Kiffykins left them in a tight spot after jetting in the middle of the night, much to Chris Low's chagrin. I guess he saw the writing on the wall and made his way to greener pastures (and by greener, I mean more green to give recruits). Anyhoo, Tennessee easily is playing its worst team in 25 years. They weren't expected to be very good the season, but 2-4 is probably not where they thought the Dooley-led team would be at this point. 

Verdict: They are a bad team, but to say they have been seriously disappointing probably isn't accurate. Most fans thought this would be a tough year.

The wheels have come off of the Florida bandwagon. The Gators are ninth in the SEC in total offense and 4th in total defense. The defensive numbers aren't terrible, but they're not where Urban expects to be every year. As far as the offense goes, it's completely killing the Gators. When Meyer has no big play threat on the team, his playbook is very, very limited. 

In the very early going, it looks like John Brantley isn't all that he was cracked up to be. UF fans want him benched in favor of true freshman Trey Burton and I wouldn't be surprised if that happens. Meyer said yesterday that "the whole offense needs to be changed" when asked what changes would be made in the off-week before Georgia. To add insult to injury, the Gators have no running game, which really doesn't come as a surprise. They are very one-dimensional and also don't have a game-changing wideout to throw it to. Thus, the offense looks like sloths running through maple syrup.

Florida is suffering from what I like to call "post-part'em depression". This means that Florida's success has ultimately spelled their doom. Urban's good coordinators (Mullen and Strong) were lured away for head coaching positions and now his crew is suffering from the departures. They were both very instrumental in UF's success through the recent past and Urban is certainly missing them. Florida was expected to win the East, but it looks like a long shot now after losing 3 straight overall and 2 straight at home. 

Mark Richt has been on the down-turn for the past couple of years. This year was expected to be somewhat of a rebuilding year, but the Dawgs were expected to challenge for the Eastern crown. Florida looked to be beatable and South Carolina was, well Carolina. As it turns out, Carolina looked to be anything but their former self and the Dawgs got donkey punched by them. Subsequent losses to Colorado, Arkansas, and a surprising Mississippi State team left UGA reeling. 

The Dawgs have won their past two games over two BAD teams in UTk and Vandy, but beat them like a decent team is supposed to. They look to be gelling after a very disappointing first five games, but are still a work in progress. The running game has been wildly inconsistent at best, but Aaron Murray and the defense look to be emerging.

This season has been one of extreme underachievement for the Dawgs. An offensive line that was billed as the best in the country has been very mediocre. The Dawgs subsequently became very one-dimensional without the country's best receiver A.J. Green, and lost four straight games. While this season has been terrible, it does look a little less bleak. If Mark Richt's squad loses at Kentucky this season, it could be back to the doom and gloom atmosphere post-Colorado. 

AND THE WINNER IS...........

Because the Gators were expected to win the East and just lost to Mississippi State on Homecoming, UF wins the distinct honor of having "The Most Disappointing Year" thus far.

*Florida received 70 of the 150 1st place votes.
*Georgia received 60 of the 150 votes.
*South Carolina received 20 of the first place votes because Carolina fans always think they're going to win the National Championship.

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