Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SEC Basketball Scheduling Info

As we all know by now, when the selection committee chooses which bubble teams get in to "the Dance", one of the primary rankings they look at is RPI (25% winning per., 50% opponents combined winning %, and 25% opponents' opponents' winning %). The formula looks confusing but in a nutshell it measures not only who had the best record, but who had the most difficult schedule as well. So, I decided to look at each SEC team's upcoming basketball non-conference schedule, and what their 2010-11 opponents' RPI was last season. Obviously this is somewhat flawed because these teams could be completely different this season, but I think it gives a good starting point as to which coach is scheduling difficult games, and who is scheduling cupcakes.

Basically I just averaged each SEC teams' opponents' RPI from last year. Here are the SEC teams ranked by the "toughest" schedule for 2010-2011:
  1. Florida -- .533
  2. Tennessee -- .526
  3. Georgia -- .521
  4. Vanderbilt -- .517
  5. South Carolina -- .503
  6. Miss State -- .500
  7. Kentucky -- .498
  8. Alabama -- .495
  9. Ole Miss -- .484
  10. Arkansas -- .476
  11. Auburn -- .471
  12. LSU -- .462
One other thing to add is the fact that some teams (Like UGA) are playing in Tournaments in December so their opponents are dependent on the outcome of other games. I tried to "project" as best I could who they might play. You can tell that Fox is scheduling tough because he thinks a) we can compete with "big name" teams now, and b) he wants to try and snag some "quality wins" to show off for our tournament resume.

Having a tough non-conference schedule is vital if we want to make it to the dance this coming season. Each year the selection committee leaves a team out because they scheduled weak and had very few quality wins....and every year the coach of that team complains about it (like Virginia Tech last year). So I think it is very encouraging that Fox at least sees the writing on the wall and is being aggressive with the non-conference scheduling....let's hope we can actually WIN some of these games.

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